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Mall Group

Leading e-commerce platform in CEE

960+ million EUR in revenues in 2020

11 million orders dispatched in 2020

1100+ pick-up points



Pan-European online travel agency

1.5 billion euros in total transaction value in 2019

3 million passengers in 2019

290 million visitors on our booking websites in 2019



Largest comparison shopping platform in CEE

23 million users per month

55 thousands e-shops in our network

750 thousand e-shop reviews on average is written by users every month



 Online supermarkets Košík.cz and Bringmeister.de belong to the pioneers of e-grocery in their regions

2 2 regions, 2 countries

210 billion EUR: grocery market size in Germany and Czechia combined

30thousand +: amount of products offered at Košík.cz and Bringmeister.de


a leading Central European wholesale and retail vendor of consumer electronics, household appliances, and other devices

19 number of own brands

53 present in 53 countires through wholesale

161own Planeo Elektro retail stores



As an Internet services juggernaut, Gjirafa is a video content, e-commerce and community platform targeting the Balkan region.

3+ billion ads served through gjirafa adnetwork

317% Compound annual growth rate in 2015-2019

4+million minutes content consumed on a daily basis



Leading vertically integrated book publisher in the Czech Republic

24 million books
stored and shipped
from the warehouse
in 2020

725newly published books
in 2020

36Luxor bookstores



Strong logistics operator oriented primarily on the consumer

600 million CZK was the turnover in 2020

25%+ year-on-year growth

1000+pick-up points



Well-diversified portfolio of innovative high-growth internet investments

€28minvested since 2014

€61mtotal portfolio investment value

11exits & 11 remaining investments


productboard is the product management system that helps you understand what users need, prioritize what to build, and rally everyone around your roadmap. With management and sales team based in San Francisco, IT Dev team based in Prague, they have 3,000+ business customers, their revenue grows 7-8% monthly, and they raised $18m Series A led by Index Ventures and Kleiner Perkins in 2018 and $45m Series B led by Sequoia Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners in 12/2019. Rockaway was the first investor who supported the founders in 2015.


Manifesto is a hospitality group focusing on food & beverage, real estate, technology, ​and culture. We create stylish places that provide a variety of food and drinks for people who want to enjoy cool, exciting vibes, cultural experiences and high-quality customer experience. Uniquely, we are one of the first fully cashless places in Europe. That means we create and utilize digital technology products and data to provide an enhanced customer and tenant experience. Manifesto is the brainchild and first hospitality project from landscape architect and entrepreneur Martin Barry. Welcome to the future of retail, food and culture. Welcome to Manifesto Market.
More Investments

Rockaway Blockchain

Rockaway Blockchain is a pan-European private investor with global reach.

We invest in promising blockchain start-ups, which we help to grow. We are a long-term investor that applies traditional venture capital investing to crypto.