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Mall Group

Leading e-commerce platform in CEE

300 million visitors on our websites in 2018

7.6 million orders dispatched in 2018

700+ pick-up points



Pan-European online travel agency

1.5 billion euros in total transaction value in 2018

3 million passengers in 2018

225 million visitors on our booking websites in 2018



Largest comparison shopping platform in CEE

280 million clicks on our websites in 2018 alone

3.1 million new reviews written by our customers in 2017

55 thousands e-shops involved



As an Internet services juggernaut, Gjirafa is a video content, e-commerce and community platform targeting the Balkan region.

2+ billion ads served through gjirafa adnetwork

314% Compound annual growth rate last four years, 2015-2018

500Kminutes content consumed daily and growing in double digit on monthly basis



Leading vertically integrated book publisher in the Czech Republic

25 million books passed through our warehouse in 2018

754 newly published books in 2018

40 Luxor bookstores



Regional tech start-ups with cross-border or global scalability

12 portfolio companies having operations in 10 countries

5 portfolio companies trading at triple-digit annual revenue growth

50%+ of the portfolio companies raised further funding at higher valuation

Brand Embassy

Brand Embassy is an omnichannel cloud-based customer service platform providing integrated social media, messaging, live chat and AI-powered chatbot service. Customers such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, Alibaba, and Puma in 30+ countries have achieved 69% higher agent productivity, 61% higher sales conversions and have scaled operations by 300% with no additional headcount. Brand Embassy helps companies to accelerate the digital transformation of contact centres in an agile and scalable manner. The fast-growing company is headquartered in Prague, with offices in Boston, San Diego, London and Dubai.


Storyous is a revolutionary cloud POS system for restaurants and cafes with a simple vision – to make the lives of its business partners easier. Restaurant owners can track their staff, manage inventory and optimize sales from anywhere, simply by connecting to the Internet and utilising the many clever features of Storyous.
All Investments

Rockaway Blockchain

Rockaway Blockchain is a pan-European private investor with global reach.

We invest in promising blockchain start-ups, which we help to grow. We are a long-term investor that applies traditional venture capital investing to crypto.