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Rockaway ventures

Rockaway Ventures focuses on startups, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe and DACH, which digitize traditional industry and at the same time follow the principles of ESG




Lingvist is an education company working to make language learning 10x faster by using big data and AI. It maps the knowledge of the individual, adapts learning materials in real time and creates an experience that is pleasantly and uniquely challenging for every learner.


Vivere is a global data-driven incubation platform for next-gen consumer products and brands across multiple categories, including lifestyle, pet care, beauty, wellness, and the home. It develops, produces and distributes sustainable products of superior quality, while providing an unmatched digital purchasing experience. It also serves as an end-to-end incubator and PaaS for large retailers, successful brands, and well-known creators.


Spotawheel is the fastest growing used car platform in Europe, using efficient and customer centric proprietary technology to empower people to buy reliable cars. It pre-inspects each car, provides completely transparent information regarding its condition, and allows consumers to either take it for a test-drive or have it delivered to their doorstep.


Campiri is a Czech platform, operating internationally, that with a few clicks connects caravan owners with clients interested in renting. It’s about lifestyle, community, inspiration, getting back to nature, unforgettable experiences, and adventure. And the desire to make travel as ecological and sustainable as possible.

Freeway Camper

Freeway Camper drives the digitalization of the camping market by focusing on smart digital rental of various caravans while meeting individual customers’ needs and providing first-class service. The German platform also provides campsite booking while fostering climate-neutral travel though different ways of offsetting CO2 emissions.


Productboard is a Czech unicorn whose first investor was Rockaway in 2015. It offers a product management system that helps users understand what they need, prioritize what to build, and rally everyone around the roadmap. Based in San Francisco and Prague, they have 3000+ business customers and 7-8 % monthly revenue growth. They raised $18m Series A led by Index Ventures and Kleiner Perkins in 2018 and $45m Series B led by Sequoia Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners in 2019.

Budget Bakers

Prague-based BudgetBakers offers tech solutions that help people save money and lead a richer life. Wallet by BudgetBakers is a worldwide available personal financial assistant that summarizes all information regarding finances, helps with flexible budgeting and tracks spending, so that customers can stay in control and achieve their goals.


ThreatMark is a team of experienced business professionals who have built and secured on-line channels for major financial groups and banks around Europe. Their advanced solution uses AI-powered digital behavior analytics to prevent digital fraud, learn from it, and build models that prevent future fraud across the entire customer journey and across all digital channels.


Manifesto is a hospitality group focusing on F&B, real estate, technology, and culture. Their stylish food markets offer exciting vibes, cultural events, and a high-quality customer experience. By creating and utilizing digital technology products to provide an enhanced customer and tenant experience, Manifesto has become one of the first fully cashless places in Europe.


Samba.ai is an AdTech company developing its own real-time data processing technology. Online marketing is gradually undergoing a major change due to the arrival of smart technologies and autonomous systems, and Samba.ai wants to create technologies that support this change and become an integral part of it.


Presentigo is a product presentation platform showing companies that presentations don’t have to be boring. Their new generation of presentation software extends the boundaries of traditional presentations into the world of touch devices, interactivity, and 3D to enhance companies’ marketing and sales performance.


Socifi is a creator of a monetization and communication platform for 4G/WiFi networks that addresses the challenges of declining profits in commodity services and the greater-than-ever standard customer requirement of free WiFi. Socifi provides advertiser-sponsored Internet service or data packages, providing end users with a free internet connection.
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Pioneers of e-commerce and e-grocery

Rohlik Group

The Rohlik Group is a European technology leader in e-grocery bringing about a digital revolution whilst accelerating and redefining the retail food industry.


Allegro is the most popular shopping platform in Poland and the largest e-commerce platform of European origin. It operates a marketplace model with over 135,000 merchants, while reaching 22 milion customers monthly, which amounts to circa 80% of all internet users in Poland. In April 2022, Allegro acquired Mall Group and WE|DO, allowing it to boost its international expansion.


Vivantis was born in 2001, when Martin Rozhoň launched the celostnimedicina.cz health information portal and followed it up with his first e-shop, prozdravi.cz. Today it offers everything related to health and beauty, from purses to perfumes, through vivantis.cz as well as through parfemy.cz, krasa.cz, sperky.cz, hodinky.cz, and prozdravi.cz. Vivantis operates in Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, and Italy.


Alkohol.cz is an on-line vendor of more than a hundred kinds of alcohol: from aperitifs and rum to liqueurs or champagne. It operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and in addition to sales also provides on-line auctions for premium and investment alcohol, which in 2021 generated CZK 17 million sales revenue.

DoDo Group

DoDo Group combines technology and logistics to provide services for e-commerce, retail, and fast food. The company utilizes advanced technologies to make it easier for companies to deliver goods and reduce their negative impact on the urban environment. It operates in 7 countries and in 53 towns and cities, and on average fulfils more than 5 million orders per year.


Invia Group brings together selected travel agencies in seven countries, making it the largest online travel services company in Europe


Colours TV



Meltingpot is a non-profit project aiming to open minds and hearts of the general public via debates, discussions, presentations and workshops. It offers a wide scale of views on societal global challenges, but also on challenges of individuals. It regularly takes place at the international music festival Colours of Ostrava, but also online. Some past speakers include the legendary Ice Man Wim Hof, Vice-President of the European Commission Věra Jourová, or the author of The Dalai Lama’s cat David Michie.

Colours of Ostrava

Colours of Ostrava is an independent, international multi-genre music festival organized annually in Ostrava since 2002. In 2012, the festival was moved to the entrancing surroundings of Dolní Vítkovice – an area that used to belong to metallurgical works, mines, and ironworks. The festival has received multiple awards, including the Anděl Award for Music Events, the award of Czech Superbrands, or has also been rated as one of the 10 best festivals in Europe by the Guardian.


The most high-profile part of the KVIFF Group is the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the largest film festival in the Czech Republic and the most prestigious film festival in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a Category A festival, alongside such festivals as those in Cannes and Tokyo. The group also includes KVIFF.TV, which is the festival’s streaming platform, and which in 2022 broadened its offering thanks to the KVIFF Group’s investment in Aerofilms, a Czech distributor of independent films.




Gjirafa Video

Gjirafavideo is Gjirafa’s streaming platform and is the first and only Albanian platform for video content, which provides on-line broadcasts of original products from GjirafaStudios along with the most popular series in the country, shows, documentaries, and over 100 other active channels from national TV stations, portals, productions, and various creators.


FLO is a digital consulting group that focuses on innovation and strategy consulting, data solutions & AI, customer experience, commerce and brand experience. The company is active across most of Europe and Australia.

Euromedia Group

The Euromedia Group is one of the strongest and largest companies operating in the Czech Republic’s book market. It owns publishing brands such as Odeon and Ikar and the Luxor bookshop chain. The group also owns the largest book wholesaler in the Czech Republic, supplying book retailers, book retailing networks, e-shops, and hypermarkets with products from Czech publishers.


A pan-European private investor with global reach















Mall pay




Brand embassy

Chytrý Honza




Fast CR is a leading Central European wholesale and retail vendor of consumer electronics, household appliances, and other devices. Fast CR’s brands include the retail vendor Planeo, the cookware brand “Lamart by Piere Lamart” and the world-renowned consumer electronics brand Sencor.




Košík.cz specializes in the on-line sale of groceries, drugstore goods, and supplementary products. It offers more than 15 thousand products from international brands and regional and farm producers, has a broad range of goods for special diets, and adds new products every month. 


Heureka is Europe’s largest price comparison website and online shopping advisor. It helps millions of users to shop on-line at the best prices, quickly and simply. It links its business partners with customers in the Czech Republic as well as abroad: in Hungary through Arukereso.hu, in Croatia through Jeftinie.hr, and in Slovenia through Ceneje.si.


Rockaway Capital SE and some of its affiliates are members of a corporate group (in Czech: koncern) managed by Rockaway Group a.s. The corporate group has the following members:

  • Rockaway Group a.s., ID: 076 79 475 (managing member)
  • Rockaway Capital SE, ID: 019 67 631 (managed member)
  • Rockaway e-commerce a.s., ID: 045 96 081 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Media a.s., ID: 171 61 568 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Arts a.s., ID: 096 88 757 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Ventures a.s., ID: 063 87 136 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Ventures Holdings I a.s., ID: 076 08 861 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Ventures Holdings II s.r.o., ID: 085 94 651 (managed member)
  • ROCKAWAY RAIL, s.r.o., ID: 242 99 235 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Gastro s.r.o., ID: 053 28 187 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Fintech a.s., ID: 059 99 928 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Travel a.s., ID: 065 46 943 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Funds Holding a.s., ID: 140 39 362 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Ventures Fund Holding a.s., ID: 140 53 942 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Ventures Advisors a.s., ID: 141 25 129 (managed member)
  • Rockaway GRF Investments a.s., ID: 076 00 071 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Certin a.s., ID: 087 33 830 (managed member)
  • Rockaway Advisors s.r.o., ID: 090 52 127 (managed member)
  • Rockaway IT Services s.r.o., ID: 051 49 878 (managed member)
  • Honduras II s.r.o., ID: 107 46 676 (managed member)
  • Honduras III s.r.o., ID: 107 46 714 (managed member)
  • B Fresh Holding s.r.o., ID: 107 60 661 (managed member)
  • B Fresh Holding II s.r.o., ID: 176 13 833 (managed member)
  • Wintergate International SE, ID: 067 81 632 (managed member)
  • Blue Lantern a.s., ID: 068 91 446 (managed member)
  • Greenhat International a.s., ID: 076 80 520 (managed member)
  • Rock Finance s.r.o., ID: 293 64 647 (managed member)
  • Rock Finance Investments s.r.o., ID: 030 75 702 (managed member)
  • Slowlee a.s., ID: 099 69 250 (managed member)
  • Tanzerin 48 s.r.o., ID: 090 17 119 (managed member)