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Mall Group

Established since 2000, Mall operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia, and is the leading e-commerce platform in Central and Eastern Europe. Mall Group’s focus is on maximising customer satisfaction by offering a unique, streamlined e-shopping exeperience, leveraging the strong position of Mall and integrating a wide variety of complementary e-businesses from Rockaway’s portfolio, including CZC.cz, Vivantis, Proděti, BigBrands, Kolonial, Bux, Sporty and Rozbaleno.


CZC.cz is a purely Czech seller of IT and consumer electronics. It has sold 10 million products to more than 3 million customers since it came into existence 16 years ago. Besides the e-shop, they also have 67 branches across the Czech Republic. Its mission is to help people discover and get new technologies in a carefree manner.


The first Czech fashion shopping club to bring big brands for small prices. It consists of a team of fashion freaks who decided to do something about the limited offer of clothing for excessive prices. Style hunters from three countries can find something new here every day.


Uloženka offers Internet stores, regardless of their size, highly efficient transport and delivery of their orders. Even the smallest online shop can get more than 80 delivery points with professional service across the Czech and Slovak Republics.


ProDěti was originally set up as a shopping club, but today it works as an online store for all parents and parents-to-be. Every day it brings special offers of high quality and interesting clothes, toys and equipment. Joy for babies in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.


The best-known Czech snowboard brand since 2001. We are a young company which started with a purely Czech team of engineers and designers. The result was a set of attractive compact collections manufactured in the biggest factories in the whole world. We then extended production to include helmets and protective pads. We expanded very quickly and are now ranked among the best in the world. We also offer mountain, trekking, junior and children’s bikes as well as bicycle accessories.
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia


Pan-European leader
in online travel services

Invia – Czech Republic

Invia is the largest Online Travel Agency (“OTA”) in Central and Eastern Europe and a market leader in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. It intermediates sales of packaged holidays from more than 300 tour operators, flight tickets including low-cost airlines, accommodation, travel insurance and other travel related products. Invia also boasts a large offline network of franchise branches in all markets where it operates.
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Switzerland

Comparison Shopping


Heureka is the leading comparative shopping engine in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (and the largest platform of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe), listing millions of products from tens of thousands of e-shops. Heureka strives to make online shopping simple and straightforward. Heureka’s services such as “Verified by customers” or “Purchase Guarantee” help its consumers navigate to trustworthy, reliable and safe online stores.


Árukereső.hu is the leading Hungarian price comparison platform operating since 2004. Árukereső provides the widest range of online shops and products for its customers and high quality traffic for its partners. The aim of Árukereső is to make online shopping faster, easier and trustworthy. In 2015, Árukereső implemented the “Basket Program” which allows its customers to place orders directly from Árukereső’s website. Árukereső’s “Trusted Shop Program” service helps its users to find online shops which have been rated by their existing customers as providing excellent quality services.


Pazaruvaj.com is the leading Bulgarian price comparison platform operating since 2006. Pazaruvaj provides the widest range of online shops and products for its customers and high quality traffic for its partners. The aim of Pazaruvaj is to make online shopping faster, easier and trustworthy. Pazaruvaj’s “Trusted Shop Program” service helps its users to find online shops which have been rated by their existing customers as providing excellent quality services.


Compari.ro is the leading Romanian price comparison platform operating since 2005. Compari provides the widest range of online shops and products for its customers and high quality traffic for its partners. The aim of Compari is to make online shopping faster, easier and trustworthy. Compari’s “Trusted Shop Program” service helps its users to find online shops which have been rated by their existing customers as providing excellent quality services.
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Slovakia


Chytrý Honza

Chytry Honza is the leading Czech on-line platform for finance products, where customers can efficiently and easily order the vast majority of products offered by leading banks and insurance companies. Chytry Honza also offers a sophisticated online comparison system, analyzing more than 2,000 offers from 193 companies. In 2015, Chytry Honza started rolling out physical branches across the Czech Republic.


Storyous is a revolutionary cloud POS system for restaurants and cafes with a simple vision – to make the lives of its business partners easier. Restaurant owners can track their staff, manage inventory and optimize sales from anywhere, simply by connecting to the Internet and utilising the many clever features of Storyous.


Finnology is a software platform for companies in the sales and financial advisory services industries. The main aim of the platform is to make finding business opportunities easy and accessible, and subsequently to process and market them in the network of financial advisors. In constantly striving to innvovate its products, Finnology taps into the know-how of its partner companiesfrom the Rockaway family.


ThreatMark is a team of experienced business leaders and security experts who have built and secured on-line channels for major financial groups and banks around Europe.

Content & Media Publishing

Rockaway Ventures


Gjirafa.com is the leading Albanian language search, content, and community platform, building key Internet services for Albanian speakers in the Balkans and worldwide. Being the first web platform aimed at Albenian speakers, it uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to provide access to data that otherwise cannot be searched online.


Bileto is the creator and operator of a cloud e-commerce platform for carriers and transport aggregators all over the world. Bileto platform offers customers all of the tools that they need for planning (schedules, tariffs) and white – label distribution (e-shop, mobile apps), as well as dispatching the tickets, and managing sophisticated tools such as loyalty program and yield management. So far, the field of public transport has not found a platform which would move it to modern digital era and this is a great chance for Bileto.

Brand Embassy

Brand Embassy is the first omnichannel customer excellence platform powered by human connections. Our mission is to help every service business build and retain their customer base by enabling teams to compete on customer experience. By understanding the needs, behavior and subtle interactions of both customers and customer service agents, our matchmaking algorithm creates the perfect match. This uniquely human connection empowers agents to exceed customer exceptions and increases customer loyalty and retention. Innovative companies like T-Mobile, Samsung, Lenovo, Vodafone, GE Money and Telefonica use Brand Embassy to optimize digital customer experiences across social media, live chat, email ticketing, community forums and blogs. We believe technology can make companies more human. They already are, they just forget what they’re made of.


Whenever you need to trace the data-lineage in your SQL queries, you spend anywhere between 5 minutes and a few hours on manual SQL code analysis. SQLdep solves this within seconds. An extreme case of an ETL for data-warehouse with 10,000+ queries would take a man months to document. In contrast, our SQL reverse-engineering engine can prepare the metadata daily.


SOCIFI is a creator and operator of monetization and communication platform for 4G/ WiFi networks. Internet operators and providers have to solve complicated problems. On one hand, they face the profit decline in commodity services, such as phone calls; on the other hand, they have no answer for the fact that free WiFi is becoming the standard required by their customers. This problem worries markets of all developed countries. The answer is sponsored Internet connection or data package paid by an advertiser, and the end user gets Internet for free.


ProductBoard is a service for digital product managers that helps them better organize user research and determine which features deserve priority. ProductBoard is designed specifically for organizing, aggregating and prioritizing a long list of features that need to be built. The service works with systems where product feedback is initially collected. It also includes a Chrome extension for grabbing snippets from the web, can collect information you send in via email and works with third-party apps  These feedback requests are then centralized in one interface, and can then be linked with the feature they would inspireProductBoard lets you see who’s asking for the change, why the feature is necessary, what problem it solves and more.   PM’s can then organize the features intohierarchy directly in the app to help them visualize their priorities based on the data at hand. And when it’s time to actually begin the work of building the features themselves, ProductBoard integrates with the various systems engineering teams to do track their work (Trello, JIRA, etc.) 


Techloop is a new start-up company founded by a team of experienced professionals in the areas of human resources and IT. The company’s objective is to create a platform tailored for developers, enabling them to organically come into contact with firms and to receive offers involving interesting projects. The company’s founders, Joao Duarte, Paul Cooper and Andrew Elliott, have many years of experience in the field of human resources and recruitment, having previously established the personnel agency Hagen Human Capital.


We teach companies that presentations don’t have to be boring. We are creatingnew generation of presentation software that extends the boundaries of traditional presentations into the world of touch devices, interactivity and 3D. All this is connected with functions for marketing and sales.


We’re an AdTech company developing its own real-time technology for processing data. We believe that online marketing is gradually undergoing a major change thanks to the arrival of smart technologies and autonomous systems, and we want to create technologies which support this change and become an integral part of it. Get in touch with us if you’d like to get on board with this change.


uLékaře.cz is the biggest medical online consultancy in the Czech Republic and a telemedicine pioneer. The team strives to improve efficiency and quality of the Czech health care. Professional medical consultancy includes not only aswers to questions, but also possibility of online booking to a suitable hospital or clinic. The service is ensured by more than 200 doctors including many specialists who answer and take care of about 3 500 users in an average month. “Doctors in your pocket” are available 24/7 not only via web, but also in a mobile app for both iOS and Android.


Fundlift is a platform for investment-crowdfunding. Fundlift effectively connects investors and projects that have ambitions to grow. For companies provides a new way to obtain financing, the connection to investors and valuable marketing channel. It allows investing in companies through the purchase of convertible investment certificates or minibonds. Simply helps to support startups and financially participate in their potential success.


3Dsimo is the new generation of 3D pen that is able to adapt flexibly to a rapidly developing market with a variety of materials for 3D printing, thus giving the customer space to create. Create models glowing in the dark or models which change color when the temperature changes. Draw in the air! Do not be limited by 2D space. Cultivate your creativity.(The exit was in 2017.)


Creditas (BankFacil), based in São Paulo, Brazil, is an innovative digital lending platform focused on secured lending. Core products include a first-lien product version of home equity and auto loans, secured by the borrowers’ real estate or automibles. BankFacil partners with leading Brasillian lenders to create a lending network that implements cutting edge technoclogy to deliver a client driven, efficient and healthy way to access credit and financial services. BankFacil funds its customer loans both through investors and financial institutions, a proven approach creating efficiency for the entire industry. (The exit was in 2017.)