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ProductBoard is a service for digital product managers that helps them better organize user research and determine which features deserve priority.

ProductBoard is designed specifically for organizing, aggregating and prioritizing a long list of features that need to be built. The service works with systems where product feedback is initially collected. It also includes a Chrome extension for grabbing snippets from the web, can collect information you send in via email and works with third-party apps 

These feedback requests are then centralized in one interface, and can then be linked with the feature they would inspireProductBoard lets you see who’s asking for the change, why the feature is necessary, what problem it solves and more.  

PM’s can then organize the features intohierarchy directly in the app to help them visualize their priorities based on the data at hand. And when it’s time to actually begin the work of building the features themselves, ProductBoard integrates with the various systems engineering teams to do track their work (Trello, JIRA, etc.)