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12. 10. 2021, Marianna Zapotilová

Top news: Humans of Rockaway: Radek Musil

The offices of Rockaway Capital are full of talented and inspirational experts. In a series of articles aptly entitled “Humans of Rockaway”, we will gradually introduce them to you – starting with Radek Musil, a member of the investment team, who will explain, among other things, what his Project Lead position really entails.

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Rockaway Ventures launches a fund focused on ESG investment in startups and announces its first two acquisitions

The investment team behind the Rockaway Capital’s successful investments in start-ups like Productboard, Brand Embassy, Gjirafa, or Storyous is launching a new venture capital fund, the Rockaway Ventures Fund, with a target size of EUR 100 million (CZK 2.5 billion). It will focus primarily on start-ups in Central and Eastern Europe that are digitalizing traditional industries while following ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles. Its first two investments, where Rockaway Ventures Fund invests several million EUR, are Estonian start-up Lingvist and German Vivere platform.

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Viktor Fischer bought a candle in an auction for one bitcoin to support Amnesty International

Cryptocurrencies aren’t just good investment tools – they can also be used to do good. Rockaway Blockchain Fund head Viktor Fischer provided a shining example of this when during the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival he bought a candle from the Rückl glassworks in an auction for one bitcoin, i.e. for more than one million CZK, to support the Amnesty International non-governmental organization.

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