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20. 10. 2022, Natalia Masiarová

Top news: Filip Široký: I like the idea that we can make a mark in the world from Prague

At the age of 15, he was already convinced that he’d devote his life to CERN, and though during university his interests took a different direction, he did make an appearance at the European Organization for Nuclear Research – and not only as probably the youngest trainee in history, but later also as the youngest employee. However, one short meeting with Rockaway Blockchain Fund head Viktor Fischer catapulted him from Geneva back to the Czech Republic, and for the past half-year now Filip Široký has been working at the Fund as a Research Associate. “Working for RBF allows me to not only be part of an amazing collective, but also to constantly discuss new technologies and build the largest crypto fund in Europe,” he says.

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Marek Šandrik: To be a bridge between the idea and the founder

“I’m basically a circus principal,” laughs Marek Šandrik as he thinks about how he would describe, as specifically as possible, exactly what he does at the Rockaway Blockchain Fund. And he’s really not even exaggerating, because in his eponymous position he really does play the role of a tamer – not of beasts, mind you, but in the very least of investment processes, and he also keeps the entire investment team organized. „I keep it all somehow together,“ he says, by now quite automatically in English. One can see that not only Marek’s British education, but above all his constant contact with founders from around the world, have left and continue to leave a mark on him – and definitely in the best sense of the word.

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Viktor Fischer for Forbes.cz: Discipline and data are paramount

How should you take care of your money in these turbulent times? Consistently follow three rules – control your emotions, take a long-term investment view, and don’t gamble. Although these three simple precepts might apply to all your investments, in the crypto world, for me, they’re set in stone.

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Dušan Zábrodský for Forbes.cz: A decline is an opportunity

The year 2021 was a truly an exceptional one for the entire European venture capital ecosystem. Fundraising for growth funds set a new record of EUR 20 billion and venture capital one of EUR 18 billion. Roughly 5300 companies were on the receiving end of the investments, with the vast majority being small and medium-sized ones. All this despite the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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