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2. 5. 2022, Marianna Zapotilová

Top news: Rockaway Ventures completes first investment round with almost a quarter of the target amount of EUR 100 million and completes another investment

The Rockaway Ventures Fund (RVF), with a target value of EUR 100 million, has received roughly a quarter of this amount from investors in the first round, about 600 milion CZK. Its current portfolio, with recently completed investments in Germany’s Viviere and Estonia’s Lingvist, now also includes Spotawheel, a Greek used-car sales platform, which was ranked last year by the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing specialized shops in Europe. Simultaneously, RVF is launching a Czech fund for qualified investors, which will allow even more investors to invest into tech start-ups. Starting in April of this year, it will also be possible to invest in the fund via Amista and J&T Bank.

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Rockaway Capital completes its investment in Alkohol.cz, which wants to boost its position on the domestic market and expand into Western Europe

The Rockaway Capital investment group, which has long been concentrating on investments in the digital economy, e-commerce, and e-grocery, as just completed another significant transaction. The group’s newest member is Alcohol.cz, which focuses on the sale and delivery of selected premium alcoholic beverages in the Czech Republic. The company’s founder and CEO, Dominik Berdych, will continue to be its majority shareholder.

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Dana Běhálková: A Dream Fulfilled in the World of Finance

The path to Rockaway leads through different alleys that are not entirely the same for everyone. For Dana Běhálková, who holds the position of Financial Controller in the group, the journey began nine years ago in the business district of London Bridge City. While working at a sushi restaurant over the course of four months, she watched elegant financiers rushing past the legendary glass City Hall to one of the “Big Four” firms – and it occurred to her that this was it. A few years later, she was leading the entire audit team at the Czech branch of KPMG and in October 2019 she joined Rockaway, where she is in charge of the financing of dozens of companies in the group’s portfolio. Though the phrase “If you can dream it, you can do it” may be attributed to Walt Disney, it could just as well have been written by Dana.

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RBF Investor Summit in London

Rockaway Blockchain Fund hosted its Spring 2022 Investor Summit in London on 23 March. More than 200 people attended the event at 8 Northumberland, which included speakers and guests from London and the UK, the US, and all across Europe.

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