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26. 3. 2020, Michaela Papežová

Top news: Number of apartments offered for rent on Bezrealitky rises sharply; sales in Prague also increased in March

The impact of anti-coronavirus measures is beginning to be reflected more substantially in the real estate market. For example, Bezrealitky.cz, the largest portal for selling and renting properties without an intermediary, reports a significant increase in the number of apartments offered for rent in Prague. Properties that had previously been intended for short-term rental have been added to the offer of real estate on the portal as owners are seeking new ways to increase their value following the outflow of tourists. The portal also reports an increase in concluded sales in the capital and the Central Bohemia region.

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Home cooking delivered for a low price. Košík.cz starts delivery of subsidised ready-to-eat meals; the offer will change every week

On the one hand, hundreds of thousands of quarantined households; on the other hand, gastronomic operations that are currently dependent on food delivery and have millions of korunas in unprocessed stock. Therefore, the online supermarket Košík.cz has launched a new platform called “Hotovky Košík”, which will enable people to order ready-to-eat meals with home delivery provided by DoDo couriers. With respect to the situation, meals made with first-class ingredients will be sold and distributed at cost so that families can afford to buy multiple portions and, among other things, volunteers will be used for deliveries. Furthermore, customers themselves will decide on the menu, which will change every week.

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Euromedia sending ten thousand books to children of healthcare workers and preparing contactless delivery to meet demand for books during the quarantine

The book-publishing holding company Euromedia, which includes, for example, the Luxor bookstore chain and the Knizni klub publishing house, is launching registration of preschools and individuals who are looking after the children of doctors and nurses, to whom it will send books and audiobooks. Even though Euromedia had to close bookstores due to the current situation and has had to almost fully suspend its distribution and publishing operations, it is striving to provide books from its own production where they will help the most. In addition to that, the company is working on a contactless delivery system so that it will be prepared to satisfy a new wave of demand during the quarantine and thus mitigate its current loss.

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