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3. 5. 2021, Pavel Kalouš

Top news: Rockaway completes the acquisition of Bringmeister and aims to build a leader in on-line food shopping in Germany

Expansion throughout Germany and emphasis on sustainability, in which it wants to be a leader in the German market. These are Rockaway Capital’s plans for German on-line supermarket Bringmeister, which Jakub Havrlant’s investment group bought from EDEKA. The acquisition of the fast-growing on-line grocery player, which currently operates in Berlin, Munich, Potsdam and their vicinity, was successfully completed at the end of April.

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Rockaway Blockchain Fund establishes an open-end mutual fund, with investment also possible through J&T Bank

The Rockaway Blockchain Fund, the largest European investment fund focused on investment into blockchain and digital assets, with a target value of $ 100 million, is launching an open-ended mutual fund that will allow an even greater range of investors to invest into financial services of the future. Starting in April of this year, it will also be possible to invest in the fund via J&T Bank.

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