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18. 7. 2022, Marianna Zapotilová

Top news: Rockaway Capital becomes a strategic investor in Colours of Ostrava

The largest and most successful music festival in the Czech Republic is back in full force after two years marked by the pandemic that made cultural events impossible. This year the festival, which has been around since 2002, as always featured the biggest global stars and dozens of other international musicians, plus gained a strategic investor, the Rockaway Capital group.

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Rockaway holds the Creative Czechia conference at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

As part of the activities of its Rockaway Ventures Fund, the Rockaway Capital Group held an exceptional event during this year’s film festival in Karlovy Vary – the Creative Czechia conference. Its goal was to connect talented filmmakers with the digital economy and business community. During the conference, projects that were born as part of the new KVIFF Talents programme were also presented.

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Rockaway Ventures announces another investment: thanks to Germany’s FreewayCamper it is once again betting on shared caravans

After recent investments in the Czech Campiri platform and the Greek Spotawheel start-up, Rockaway Ventures has announced another interesting investment. This time, it’s into Germany’s FreewayCamper, also supported by the founders of the successful Germany company FlixBus. Rockaway Ventures thus once again has set its sights on a company focusing on a camping product. FreewayCamper, which operates primarily in Germany, recently expanded to the Polish and Italian markets. Altogether it raised over EUR 30 million of financing, consisting of equity, venture debt and bank debt. Rockaway Ventures was the lead equity investor in the round.

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Anna Zbirovská: New talent on a ventures team that’s on the move

There are usually two types of university students. There are those who try to fly through their semesters as quickly as possible and give a wide berth to anything else university-related, and then there are those who take advantage of every opportunity their studies offer them. Anna Zbirovská, who has been working for Rockaway since January as an Investment Associate, was without a doubt the second type – and about ten times over. But, as she says, work terms, competitions, Erasmus programmes, and other opportunities gradually opened doors to the world of investment. Today, at the age of 28, Anna is responsible for helping Rockaway find and analyze new start-ups that have market-changing potential.

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