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Vít Horký of Brand Embassy for CzechCrunch: A million-dollar contract with a telecommunications giant is only the beginning

Brand Embassy, a start-up established by Vít Horký and Damián Brhel in 2011, has become an extraordinarily successful project that has recently gone beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and even beyond Europe. The technology firm was a member of the first-ever edition of the StartupYard accelerator and has gradually become a major global player in the field of digitalisation of customer care. Brand Embassy has managed to grow significantly on an annual basis while expanding to global markets and currently aiding the digital transformation of the biggest players in the areas of telecommunications, banking and e-commerce.

“We sometimes hear that we are very corporate, but some things can’t be done without good planning,” said Radko Sekerka, head of R&D at Mall Group, at the Culture Rocks conference

Rockaway has actively been supporting the Culture Rocks conference focused on corporate cultures for over three years. The fifth edition of the event took place on 4 April at the deconsecrated Sacre Coeur church in Prague’s Smíchov district. The speakers included Radko Sekerka, who has been part of the Rockaway team since 2015 and has served as the head of R&D at Mall Group for the past year and a half. The following interview with Radko was conducted by Petr Skondrojanis, CEO of the COCUMA portal, in the conference’s talk-show format.

BudgetBakers receives investment from Rockaway for development of a new product for a global clientele

The Czech start-up BudgetBakers, which operates an application for managing personal finances for international markets, has received funding for the development of a new product. The product will be capable of administrating business from a mobile telephone and, like the firm’s original application, is intended for the North American, Asian and Western European markets. Other than Rockaway, angel investors and the parent StartupYard, from which BudgetBakers emerged, were also involved in the investment.
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