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GastroTech Hackathon: 37 developers, seven projects and two days nonstop

It is a Friday in December and it is getting dark early. Developers are beginning to arrive at the Storyous offices in Karlín; there will soon be 37 of them. They will sit together at computers and work for 48 hours straight, with no sleep. In the end, they will have seven exceptional applications to show for their efforts.

Rockaway and Aegon selling ChytryHonza.cz back to its founder, Jiří Paták

The Rockaway investment group and Aegon financial group are selling their shares in ChytryHonza.cz to Jiří Paták. Over the course of the past ten years, the company has grown from the start-up phase to the position of market leader. The new owner is wagering on the trend of digitalisation of the sector and on the combining of physical distribution with the online environment.
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