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16. 12. 2021, Marianna Zapotilová

Top news: KVIFF Group acquires Aerofilms. The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival gives rise to a new organization spanning the entire CEE region

The newly established KVIFF Group continues to expand. Since Rockaway Capital’s investment in the festival, the Karlovy Vary IFF has rapidly increased its activities, extending its breadth and reach to cover an ever larger spectrum of the Czech cultural scene. Through its subsidiary, the six-year-old KVIFF Distribution, the group has acquired a majority share in the established Aerofilms distribution company. This is another major step to exponentially expand the content offered by the recently inaugurated KVIFF TV streaming platform. The new venture shall also bolster the ambitions of KVIFF Group by using innovative projects, forward-looking film distribution, and public events to take full advantage of the potential offered by the film festival and the city and region of Karlovy Vary.

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David Rakušan: Helping create a parallel world

You’d be hard-pressed to find a team at Rockaway Capital growing faster than the one behind the Rockaway Blockchain Fund (RBF). In this instalment of our Humans of Rockaway series, its investment manager, David Rakušan, shows us what it’s like to be part of an investment fund that’s changing the world and helping build the financial system of the future.

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The Rockaway Blockchain Fund makes the largest investment in its history, sending 1Inch more than CZK 100 million

The Rockaway Blockchain Fund (RBF), an investment fund focusing on blockchain and DeFi projects, has made its largest investment to date: as part of a Series B investment round it has sent another $5 million (more than CZK 100 million) to 1Inch, the popular decentralized exchange aggregator. 1Inch is the eleventh unicorn in the RBF portfolio, which is a company valued at more than one billion dollars.

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Invia Group plans to allow payment in cryptocurrencies

The travel agency Invia Group, which operates in seven European countries, plans to allow payment for tours and tourist packages by selected cryptocurrencies, led by the most widespread bitcoin. It is part of a broader initiative in which Invia Group is looking for a way to meet the needs of its clients while taking advantage of blockchain technology.

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