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The Heureka Group is increasing its bond emission by up to CZK 650 million

Heureka Group, Europe’s largest price comparison website group, is offering investors an attractive option for earning interest on their free cash. Between the end of November and the start of December, it will increase its emission of its 5-year bonds by up to CZK 650 million, to an emission total of CZK 3.2 billion. The bonds, which have a nominal value of CZK 10,000 and a 2025 maturity date, have a coupon of 5.25 % p.a. They will be placed on the market via J&T Bank and PPF Bank.

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Storyous, Zdeněk Pohlreich, and Liftago have joined forces to present a delivery system that is fair to restaurants, delivery services, and consumers alike

These are truly trying times for restaurateurs. Only slightly over half of restaurants are open, and in October revenues in the industry dropped by 49 % compared to last year. The only options now available to keep a restaurant going are to have a take-out window or deliver food to customers’ homes. However, the most popular delivery services often operate on terms that make it untenable for many restaurants to work with them. Storyous, which focuses of developing technologies for the restaurant industry, and Zdeněk Pohlreich, a popular chef and owner of of several successful restaurants, have therefore come up with an alternative platform, OneMenu.cz, which is built on fairness to customers, delivery services, and especially restaurants. The project’s delivery partner is successful Czech transport company Liftago.

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WeDo, a new logistics operator brand, is starting up on the Czech market. Its director, Daniel Mareš, is striving to create a strong logistics operator oriented primarily on the consumer. He wants to achieve this using technologies that will fulfil customers’ delivery-related wishes and requirements. “The name WeDo means that our entire company, led by a fleet of couriers, is striving to achieve customer satisfaction and is concentrating on reliable and timely delivery through the use of technology and innovation,” says Mareš. The company is building on a foundation consisting of In Time and Uloženka, companies that last year were jointly purchased by PPF, EC Investments, and Rockaway.

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