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Viktor Fischer for Forbes Česko: Cash is trash

Forbes Magazine put a daring declaration on the cover of its October edition: “Cash is King”. That surprised me, and so I decided to have a look if that’s true, and what the hard data says. That’s because I remember what they taught us in school – the value of money declines with time.

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“Let’s save jobs in the restaurant industry!” Storyous is preparing to offer work to people who have lost their jobs in the restaurant industry

Restaurateurs throughout the Czech Republic have been severely tested in recent months. It is abundantly clear that many people will lose their jobs (hopefully temporarily, in some cases). Storyous, which develops technology for the restaurant industry, is therefore now trying to help them. It is launching a programme entitled “Save jobs in the restaurant industry”, which will offer work to people who have lost their jobs in the restaurant industry due to anti-pandemic measures.

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MALL PAY has obtained a payment services provider licence, and will start issuing its own cards and launch premium accounts in time for Christmas

A new level of payment on (and off) the internet for everyone. This is the mission of MALL Pay financial technology from the MALL Group and ČSOB bank, which has been granted a payment services provider licence by the CNB for small-scale payment services. This allow it to launch an entirely new product involving premium accounts that will be tied to an independent MALL Pay payment card. The licensing process in itself was unique – there are very few cases of an application by fintech with such close ties to e-commerce.

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