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Adam Kolesa: Why didn’t Mall Pay crap out like so many other start-ups?

For me, the beginning of Mall Pay were hard times and one big slog. Fortunately, that is already being offset by satisfied customers and a strong team, but the past two years have been a relatively big lesson for me. I would therefore like to share these critical moments. After all, you can learn the most from them. And even if you’re not building a fintech service, you can still find inspiration for your business in them.

Rockaway Blockchain organised the first global blockchain hackathon in Prague, hackers from 12 countries attended

It’s Saturday morning, the weather is reminiscent of April, and the first hackers are arriving at Paralelní polis. More than fifty people, including all of the mentors and partners, are coming together here. Over thirty determined men – and one woman – will sit at tables for two days with nearly no breaks and work on blockchain applications that could change the world. The “Hack to the Moon” hackathon has begun.
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