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Mergim Cahani: Make sure that you really love what you’re doing

Once upon a time Mergim Cahani came to Rockaway’s offices in Prague’s Kavčí hory neighbourhood, and left after about an hour, having made a deal with CEO Jakub Havrlant and investment partner Dušan Zábrodský – that’s because the idea of creating a “Balkan Seznam” immediately made perfect sense to them.Since then, Gjirafa has gotten on its own two feet, has confidently stepped out in all directions, and is functioning as an Albanian-language information, media, and shopping portal operating in the Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia markets.

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Humans of Rockaway: Radek Musil

The offices of Rockaway Capital are full of talented and inspirational experts. In a series of articles aptly entitled “Humans of Rockaway”, we will gradually introduce them to you – starting with Radek Musil, a member of the investment team, who will explain, among other things, what his Project Lead position really entails.

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Rockaway Insider with Jaromír Švihovský, Rockaway CFO

As Jakub Havrlant’s right-hand man, director of finance and operations Jaromír Švihovský has been part of the Rockaway team since the very beginning, and hence has witnessed all important events that occurred while it was being built. He best balances his demanding dual position with sports, and the thing he appreciates most about Rockaway is its team, which in his words is “full of interesting people capable of pulling together in the most demanding situations.”

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Rockaway Insider with Jan Mayer, CEO of Dataweps

The head of the Dataweps analytics startup, which was purchased by Heureka in March of this year, laughs a lot but at the same time gives questions a lot of thought. As he himself says, he’s a nerd, something that’s corroborated by his career, which was already off to a promising start at school – he programmed components used in satellites. But paradoxically, Jan dislikes just sitting at a computer – he likes being off-line and needs to communicate with his co-workers. And as he admits, in the end children are the best life hack.

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Rockaway Insider with Michal Menšík, CEO of DoDo

Five years ago he took over a tiny courier service with ten couriers, and today, with Rockaway Capital on board as an investor, he employs over 1500 people in four countries. Michal Menšík, head of the DoDo logistics technology start-up, which delivers groceries for clients such as Košík and Tesco achieved this thanks to, among other things, a rule he follows every day – don’t stop innovating!

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Rockaway Ventures launches a fund focused on ESG investment in startups and announces its first two acquisitions

The investment team behind the Rockaway Capital’s successful investments in start-ups like Productboard, Brand Embassy, Gjirafa, or Storyous is launching a new venture capital fund, the Rockaway Ventures Fund, with a target size of EUR 100 million (CZK 2.5 billion). It will focus primarily on start-ups in Central and Eastern Europe that are digitalizing traditional industries while following ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles. Its first two investments, where Rockaway Ventures Fund invests several million EUR, are Estonian start-up Lingvist and German Vivere platform.

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