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Invia Group plans to allow payment in cryptocurrencies

The travel agency Invia Group, which operates in seven European countries, plans to allow payment for tours and tourist packages by selected cryptocurrencies, led by the most widespread bitcoin. It is part of a broader initiative in which Invia Group is looking for a way to meet the needs of its clients while taking advantage of blockchain technology.

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Jakub Losenický: Business in a Scouting spirit

In the latest article in the “Humans of Rockaway” series, we will talk about Jakub Losenický, who is currently a Project Lead at Rockaway. You won’t meet Jakub in our offices on Tuesday, because that’s his day at Bringmeister’s head office in Berlin, where he is responsible for Rockaway’s activities in the company’s management. How did he come to be given such responsibility at Rockaway? You will find out this and more in the following article.

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Money Talks: After a long pause, together again

On Tuesday, October 19th, the tenth episode of the Money Talks series took place on the unique premises of the Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubeneč. The tradition that had been interrupted by the Covid lockdown was thus back, and in style. The event was attended by over seventy people from companies in Rockaway’s portfolio, plus guests from partner companies. As always, the entire event would not have been possible without support from our partners, this time around Rowan Legal and KPMG.

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Mergim Cahani: Make sure that you really love what you’re doing

Once upon a time Mergim Cahani came to Rockaway’s offices in Prague’s Kavčí hory neighbourhood, and left after about an hour, having made a deal with CEO Jakub Havrlant and investment partner Dušan Zábrodský – that’s because the idea of creating a “Balkan Seznam” immediately made perfect sense to them.Since then, Gjirafa has gotten on its own two feet, has confidently stepped out in all directions, and is functioning as an Albanian-language information, media, and shopping portal operating in the Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia markets.

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Humans of Rockaway: Radek Musil

The offices of Rockaway Capital are full of talented and inspirational experts. In a series of articles aptly entitled “Humans of Rockaway”, we will gradually introduce them to you – starting with Radek Musil, a member of the investment team, who will explain, among other things, what his Project Lead position really entails.

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