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Dušan Zábrodský and Max Palko introduced a new investment holding named RockawayQ during the Edu Lunch

In recent months, several key events have taken place in the Rockaway Capital portfolio, making the selection of a topic for the next Edu Lunch – a traditional afternoon meeting that gives Rockaway employees the opportunity to learn about the latest developments within the group – pleasantly challenging. This time, the choice fell on the new investment holding RockawayQ, which was created in collaboration with the MTX Group of Petr Otava, and was announced in early June. The speakers were Rockaway Capital’s investment partner Dušan Zábrodský and Max Palko, the investment manager of Rockaway Ventures and now also of RockawayQ.

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Iva Fišerová and Filip Košťálek: “Everyone experiences Colours in their own way”

Both live and breathe for the Colours of Ostrava festival, even though one breathes the air in Prague and the other in Ostrava. Iva Fišerová as Marketing Director at Rockaway Arts, Filip Košťálek as the festival’s programme director. And both say that every year Colours is increasingly becoming more than just a classical music festival, if only because of the high level of comfort and convenience it offers visitors. “Quality is in our DNA,” they say. What do Iva and Filip consider the festival’s hidden treasure and why should visitors look forward to Meltingpot as much as to music stars? You’ll find out in this issue of Rockaway Insider.

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Rockaway, with the support of the MTX Group, presents RockawayQ: a new investment holding company focused on digital transformation of traditional companies

Jakub Havrlant’s Rockaway Capital investment group along with co-founder MTX Group, owned by Petr Otava, presents its latest investment holding company called RockawayQ. It is thus reacting to the growing demand for modern digital tools that will help companies grow and remain competitive in an era of revolutionary technological changes. RockawayQ will focus on the digital transformation of traditional companies with the use of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI). The aim of both founding partners is to make it possible for other qualified investors to invest in RockawayQ.

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Rockaway is becoming a strategic investor in the Designblok Festival, the Czech Grand Design Awards, and the Křehký brand

Rockaway Capital, Jakub Havrlant’s investment group, is linking its name to another successful brand several years after investing in the KV IFF and Colours of Ostrava – it is becoming a strategic investor in Designblok, one of the most important international festivals of design and fashion for the public. Through its investment, the group wants to support Czech design internationally, attract the most prominent designers to the Czech Republic, and link the art community with the world of business.

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RockawayX, one of the largest groups in Europe focusing on blockchain technology and digital assets, in cooperation with AMISTA, an investment company that is part of the J&T Group, is establishing a second open-end fund that will make it possible for an even larger circle of investors to invest into the world of financial services of the future. The mutual fund aims to achieve growth through investment in Rockaway Blockchain Fund II, L.P., abbreviated RBF II. RBF II is a foreign fund focusing on investment in blockchain technology and related assets.

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Radek Horák and Adam Bilko: “In 10 years, blockchain will be commonplace”

One is the CFO of RockawayX VC Fund, the other an asset manager at RockawayX Credit Fund. And both admit that they find their work truly fulfilling – they believe that in just a few years blockchain will break its – after all, still persistent – reputation as a mysterious technology for insiders, and many services on it will be used by the public and lay people quite naturally. Their ordinary day? Basically nonexistent. The world of blockchain is so diverse and varied that there is no time for routine. Read Radek Horák and Adam Bilko’s take on the world of digital assets in the new issue of Insider:

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