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Rockaway Insider with Jan Hanuš, CEO MALL Group

Jan Hanuš loves adrenaline and major challenges – that’s why in his professional life he’s often been in charge of companies that needed major changes, and in his private life he loves wild downhill bike riding. Now he’s at the helm of the e-commerce MALL Group, where he became CEO in January of this year.

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Rockaway Insider With Michal Kratochvíl, CEO Budgetbakers

Last year BudgetBakers had their dream come true. They were the first application in the world to to provide management of finances as well as direct payment. And although its CEO, Michal Kratochvíl, is part of a young collective, as opposed to others, he thinks that more important than an original business idea is the team itself and the experience of every member.

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The #2 company on the on-line electronics market has grown double and added a total of 5.5 billion

The GEEKs at CZC.cz have had a record fiscal year*, during which they processed 1.5 million orders worth CZK 5.5 billion excluding VAT, resulting in 30 % year-over-year growth. They did well in the computer and gaming categories, as well as in the B2B segment, where year-over-year revenue growth more than doubled to 77 %. Together with its customers, CZC.cz also helped collect more than CZK 3 million for laptops, among other things, for children from disadvantaged families.

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Last year the MALL Group processed more than 14 million orders, and for the first time is in the black

The MALL Group has had a milestone year. The e-commerce group, which includes the MALL internet marketplace. the popular CZC.cz electronics e-shop, as well as the Vivantis and ProZdravi.cz e-shops, turned a profit for the first time. During the past business year the MALL Group succeeded in generating revenues of CZK 20.7 billion, which represents 26 % growth year-over-year. Though the group was helped into the black by the pandemic-related internet shopping boom, the main reason was a significant improvement in the transaction economy, MALL’s transformation into a marketplace, and success in international markets.

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