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Storyous is deploying QR codes in restaurants for ordering and paying with mobile phones

Order using your phone right at the table. Safely and comfortably. Also pay from your seat when you want to leave, without having to flag down a waiter. This is another part of the Restaurant of the Future concept that is being introduced by Storyous. You can already try it out today in the Červený Jelen restaurant in Prague. During the time of the global pandemic, it also offers the ability to order food without the need to touch a menu that could collect viruses or bacteria.

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Košík.cz has begun to deliver throughout the Czech Republic, with non-perishable groceries to be delivered by In Time

On line supermarket Košík.cz has given itself a gift for its fifth birthday. Starting today, it is broadening its offering significantly, and is launching countrywide delivery from its new warehouse. Customers hitherto not covered by Košík’s deliveries can now order 1700 kinds of non-perishable groceries with next-day delivery to any address, right to their doorstep. In addition, the territory where Košík will deliver its entire assortment will also expand to include towns in North Bohemia. This fundamental change is also accompanied by re branding.

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Milan Vašina joins Rockaway to help with portfolio companies’ strategy and with talent activation

Jakub Havrlant’s investment group has announced a key addition to its team. Milan Vašina, a former CEO of T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom with more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications and ICT, is joining Rockaway as Senior Advisor at the beginning of April. The newly created role has two objectives: to help selected portfolio companies with their business strategy and to promote development of managerial talent across the group.

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“The company has great energy now. We’re working from morning till night, we have to show why we’re here,” says the MALL Group’s Olda Bajer.

Olda Bajer, CEO of the MALL Group, was interviewed on-line by Jiří Rostecký from the Mladý podnikatel [Young Entrepreneur] server. Is Mall experiencing a crisis? How did it prepare for this situation? What is the future of e-commerce and what role will marketplace platforms play? The video answers all these questions, and in the article we’ve selected key ideas for you.

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Igor Třeslín from Storyous for Forbes Czech Republic: Half of all pubs may not reopen. Let’s do something about it.

The next couple of weeks may ravage the Czech restaurant industry. Some restaurants have already closed entirely, while others are reporting only a fraction of former revenues. It is no exaggeration to say that once the quarantine is lifted we won’t have anywhere to go for a beer and social culture in the Czech Republic will be hit hard. At Storyous, however, we’re not giving up. And you can help too.

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Businesses write the prime minister: “Let’s talk about saving the travel industry in the Czech Republic”

Czech travel agencies, hotels and tourist centres are calling on Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to invite them to the negotiating table. Their objective is to save the jobs of thousands of people and revive the travel industry in the Czech Republic. The travel agency Invia initiated the drafting of open letter received by the prime minister today. Invia is already involved in the efforts to resolve the situation caused by the spread of Covid-19, as it has lent its call centre to the government and the City of Prague and is retraining its employees to operate two information lines to help seniors, as well as the disabled and people in quarantine.

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