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Start-up BudgetBakers from Rockaway’s portfolio has obtained a record investment from Holland

Czech FinTech start-up BudgetBakers, developer of the Wallet and Board applications and in which the ventures division of the Rockaway Capital investment group invested in 2017, has received an investment of almost CZK 160 million (EUR 6.25 million) from Jasper Anderluh and Niels Klok, co-founders of European on-line broker DEGIRO. The investment aims to support further growth of BudgetBakers on the European market, not only through development of the Wallet application itself, but also to make BudgetBakers technology accessible to third parties via an API.

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Rockaway Insider with Juraj Felix, co-CEO of the Czech News Center and CEO of Mall.tv: “If your business is built on the right foundations, don’t give up”

This Slovak native son is like a walking power plant, with energy to spare. He runs the successful Mall.tv internet TV channel, is co-CEO of the Czech News Center media house, and he apparently has the most subscriptions of anyone in the Czech Republic – that’s because due to his profession and interest in women’s fashion magazines Juraj subscribes to a total of 19 services and media from around the world. For the curious: No, he doesn’t have time to read it all.

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