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online magazine mapping the most important news from the portfolio of the investment group Rockaway Capital


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Adam Chudárek, Rockaway Arts: “Perseverance and good luck with the right people are the key success ingredients for me”

From film acquisition at AQS, to digital transformation at Czech News Center, to project management for Rockaway Arts. One thing is certain – Adam Chudárek’s professional trajectory is based on a balanced combination of perseverance, hard skills and an empathetic approach. In the interview, he also reveals how he applies the strategy of breaking problems into smaller parts, what is his favourite way to balance a high workload, and which sports field has been his biggest inspiration since childhood.

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CFO Invia Group Sergej Manthey: “Don’t let failures get you down – they happen to everyone!”

He has been working for the Invia Group for quite a few years, for the last year and a half he has been the CFO of the entire Group – and until recently he was also the CFO of the online supermarket Bringmeister. What for some might be a frantic business ride between data, numbers and projects, where you still have to manage the whole team, for Sergej it is mainly a question of staying motivated, trusting in the capable people around him and also finding a balance thanks to a rich life outside work. After all, Sergej says that an alternative to a career in senior management could easily be a good old carpentry craft… !

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Rohlik Group acquires Bringmeister e-supermarket from Rockaway Capital, which is becoming shareholder of entire Rohlik Group

Rohlik Group is the new sole shareholder of the German Bringmeister on-line supermarket. In return, Rockaway is acquiring a share in the Rohlik Group, the size of which will depend on the performance achieved by Knuspr.de and Bringmeister during the year following the transaction. Rohlik thus has a new opportunity to expand its services in Germany and significantly increase its customer base in Berlin and Munich.

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Colours of Ostrava Executive Director Petra Řezníčková: “In the end, everything is possible!”

Seventeen years ago she joined Colours of Ostrava as head production manager, arranging almost everything – and so today we’d be hard pressed to find someone who understands the organization and operations of music festivals more than executive director Petra Řezníčková. In her own words, she “doesn’t understand music at all”, but that’s hard to believe: prior to linking her life to one of the largest musical events in the Czech Republic, she worked as marketing director for the popular Hitrádio Orion radio station, which later became a partner of Colours of Ostrava. And as she emphasizes, loyalty and trust in the project for which you work is one of the most important qualities that a person in this beautiful but demanding field can have.

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Rockaway Capital selling its shares in Heureka Group and FAST ČR to EC Investments a PPF – while increasing share in Vivantis through purchase from PPF

The Rockaway Capital group is selling its shares in the Heureka Group on-line price comparison portal and in FAST ČR a retail and wholesale vendor of consumer electronics, to the EC Investments a PPF investment groups. Along with Rockaway, these were hitherto the only shareholders in both companies. On the other hand, Rockaway is purchasing a share in the Vivantis e-shop from PPF to become its majority shareholder. The sale of shares in the Heureka Group and FAST ČR and gaining a majority share of the Vivantis e-shop are a continuation of Rockaway’s strategic development and portfolio optimization.

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Bringmeister is the winner of the prestigious German Stiftung Warentest award

Stiftung Warentest is an independent and renowned German foundation that specializes in the testing and evaluation of consumer products. Its main goal is to provide consumers with independent and objective information about the quality and performance of various products on the market. In the current issue, the foundation examined a total of six food delivery services in Germany. Compared to other services, Bringmeister presented by far the widest range of products and received an overall score of 2.1, making it the winner in its category.

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