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News written by Adam Rek

June 20, 2017 ,

Top news: PresentiGO wants to change the world of presentations, cutting its clients’ preparation time by 30%. The company is preparing to expand abroad

Most people probably do not feel completely at ease when they hear the word “presentation”, whether it involves preparing a presentation, public speaking connected with it or hours spent sitting and listening to a scripted demonstration. The Czech company PresentiGO is attempting to change that and is finding success in persuading large clients such as E.on, UPC, GE Aviation and Linet that it has the cure to “presentation phobia”.

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May 15, 2017,

Rockaway at the University of Economics

At the beginning of April, a workshop for students organised by the Klub of Investors was held at the University of Economics in Prague. In the course of the workshop, three members of the Rockaway team shared their views on the matter. Here is what they had to say.

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