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Our mission: to build the digital economy in selected markets by creating, investing and buying promising internet companies.

Rockaway Capital, the investment group founded by Jakub Havrlant, operates primarily in the areas of e-commerce, e-travel, media, blockchain and venture capital, as well as a few other fields.

It is not always easy to label what we do. While we primarily focus on Internet businesses, our interpretation of the term “internet business” is far beyond its traditional meaning – what we simply do is we build strong companies with the use of the digital technologies, irrespective of the sector and industry.


In 2019, companies under the control of the Rockaway achieved aggregated sales in excess of EUR 2.5 billion.

“I know that it is possible to create in the Czech Republic firms that can succeed abroad. That is why I established Rockaway and it is what we strive for every day.”
Jakub Havrlant, CEO Rockaway

Like “what we do”, the way in which we work cannot be clearly defined. We incorporate the best practices from the world of both strategic and financial investors and we honor opportunistic approach.

We are not limited by the size of investments, as we invest amounts ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of euros. We do not set fixed investment periods, so cooperation may persist for only a few years or for much longer. National and regional boundaries are meaningless to us.

“I know that it is possible to create in the Czech Republic firms that can succeed abroad. That is why I established Rockaway and it is what we strive for every day.”
Jakub Havrlant, CEO Rockaway

Most importantly, though, we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves. We actively participate in the management of the companies in our portfolio, thus becoming an integral part and driving force of their respective teams.

We have achieved a number of milestones in the form of successful exits, turnarounds and/or establishing successful European platforms in their respective sectors. Here are some of their stories:

Mall Group: how a 21st century e-shop group is built

One of the examples of how Rockaway has blazed a trail in the digital economy is Mall Group. It was established in 2016 by combining nearly ten vertical e-shops from the then existing Rockaway portfolio and Netretail Holding, horizontal generalist e-shops operating in seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe. At that moment, an exceptional e-commerce platform was created with revenues exceeding of EUR 700+ million and with double digit year-on-year growth. Of course, Mall Group’s ambitions go far beyond that. “In e-commerce, it is no longer sufficient to rely solely on shopping. We were the first in the region to set out on a relatively complicated path: we want to create a whole platform of services and experiences around shopping, so we launched our own internet television channel, MALL.tv,” says Olda Bajer, CEO of Mall Group.

Invia Group: from a Czech portal to a European player

Rockaway’s investment into the online travel market also occurred in 2016. The unique story of Invia Group is somewhat longer and began in parallel in two countries, the Czech Republic and Germany, at the beginning of the millennium, before expanding into neighboring countries. When the Czech company Invia became the first e-travel addition to the Rockaway portfolio in 2016, it was already operating not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Later the same year, travel portals such as ab-in-den-urlaub.de and fluege.de operating in Germany, Austria and Switzerland joined Invia, creating the first pan-European online travel platform offering a broad portfolio of services both in the region of Central Europe and in the German-speaking countries. In 2019, 290 million visitors accessed the Invia Group websites with three million people travelling with Invia. In addition, the Group also sold 2.3 million airline tickets.