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Hic Sunt Leones

Appearing on ancient maps, this Latin phrase means “lions are here” and was used to designate uncharted lands where man had not yet dared to tread. These were lawless lands that were eventually tamed by intrepid explorers. And such is the path that we are taking, leading us to places where no one has gone before.

Welcome to the land of lions, where you too are at home.

Five rules of survival

1. Diversity

Everyone reached Rockaway via their own path and benefits from having a different background. People from different countries, cultures and professions have come together here, creating a unique combination of skills and experience. Thanks to that, we are able to see every issue from a number of different angles. Conversely, there is always something in the air that unites us, that we all have in common and that pushes us to work together as a team.

“In Rockaway, we’ve got a lot in common while being absolute originals. And that is exactly the base of our successful DNA.”
Marek Blahuta, PR & Content

2. Hands-on approach

The willingness to roll up our sleeves is standard for us. Where other firms call it a day when the deal is done, our work is just beginning. Our greatest challenge and value added consist in the fact that we take the success of our firms into our own hands. We have the necessary determination, persistence and ability to find solutions where none seems available at first glance.

“It’s surprising how many problems keep coming up across various firms, especially in HR. Every situation has its own characteristics, but because we have a certain distance and a different angle of view, helping with them is easier for us.”
Eva Livora, HR

3. All for one, one for all

The atmosphere and trust within the team are what drive Rockaway forward. We have already been through a lot together and therefore we know that we can rely on each other. We know who is good at what and whom to turn to with any given matter. Instead of competing with each other, we pull together as one.

“I like the way we face situations: together as a team, where everybody can contribute with their own standpoint.”
Lenka Ježková, Group Reporting & Consolidation

4. No boundaries

We take risks, but we do not gamble. We strive every day to tear down the status quo and to ignore the limitations that hold back our competitors. At Rockaway, there is a rarely seen combination of big business and boundless enthusiasm that gives rise to natural motivation that is stronger than anything found in an HR strategy.

“Rockaway has the ability to motivate people to such an extent that I’ve never once heard anyone complain about working here. This is truly rare.”
Jakub Krůta, General Counsel

5. We go our own way

One example says it all: At one of the Christmas parties, cabbage soup was served and a cimbalomist bashed out Metallica covers. The venue? Our office. We take the same approach to business by striving to go our own way and to bypass conventions.

“We have the freedom to do things our own way and to come up with new ideas. We don’t have to stick to the beaten path.”
Barbora Petrusová, Financial Controlling

This is how we roll