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November 7, 2019,

Rockaway Money Talks: From Bonds to Burnout

Rockaway Money Talks: From Bonds to Burnout

It is Thursday, 7 November, and more than seventy key people from the companies of the Rockaway group have gathered at the SmetanaQ gallery on the Vltava embankment. The group is joined by people from partner companies and Rockaway’s internal team. The latest edition of Money Talks begins, this time with support from PwC and Allen & Overy.

The event was opened by Jaromír Švihovský, CFO of Rockaway, who presented the current form of the group’s portfolio, including commentary on new developments and interesting figures. The microphone was then passed to Bartosz Magrol, head of PwC’s Polish branch and an expert on bond financing, who summarised and explained the issue of bonds in simple terms that everyone could understand. Jana Chwaszcz, an attorney at Allen & Overy, used practical examples to describe the types of bond structures and their advantages and disadvantages. The first part of the programme was concluded by Olda Bajer, the new CEO of Mall Group, who outlined both the group’s brand-new strategy and the specific tasks on which the group is currently working.

After the break, the audience was divided into two groups. One of the groups was treated to a panel discussion focusing on the use of bonds in practice. The discussion was led by Kateřina Práglová (Senior Legal Counsel at Rockaway), with the participation of Jaromír Švihovský (CFO of Rockaway), Petr Vybíral (Counsel at Allen & Overy), Olga Cilečková (Partner at PwC Czech Republic) and Roman Florián (Director at J&T Finance Group). At the same time, the other group enjoyed a programme focusing on HR issues, during which Jiří Bréda (Mission Hero) spoke about the gamification of employee development and Gabriela Bohmová (myRefresh) addressed the topic of burnout.

The fact that this was an exceptional evening in every respect is best illustrated by the photographs that you can find here.

We would like to again thank all of the attendees for the great atmosphere that they created at the venue.