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July 18, 2022,

Rockaway Capital becomes a strategic investor in Colours of Ostrava

Rockaway Capital becomes a strategic investor in Colours of Ostrava

Foto: Filip Kustka

The largest and most successful music festival in the Czech Republic is back in full force after two years marked by the pandemic that made cultural events impossible. This year the festival, which has been around since 2002, as always featured the biggest global stars and dozens of other international musicians, plus gained a strategic investor, the Rockaway Capital group.

Rockaway Capital’s investment in Colours Production, which puts on the festival, means stability for the festival, as well as new opportunities. This applies both to the festival itself as attendant events – the Meltingpot international discussion forum, the Czech Music Crossroads showcase festival, and the Art & Life street festival.

The organizational team, headed by Colours of Ostrava director Zlata Holušová, remains unchanged. “We’ll continue to fortify the pillars upon which our festival is based – an excellent programme featuring big international stars as well as the most interesting music from many different genres, including minority ones from the world over, a huge amount of variety headed by the Meltingpot Forum, and the festival atmosphere fans know and love. I’m also glad that the founder of the Rockaway Group, Jakub Havrlant, is a Moravian-Silesian patriot, so we’re also close thanks to our common roots,” adds Zlata Holušová, who is also the founder and main programme director of Colours of Ostrava.

For Rockaway Capital, this isn’t its first active participation in the area of Czech culture. Since 2021 its portfolio has included the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which it owns along with Jiří Bartoška and the festival’s management team. During this year’s festival it succeeded in helping develop new projects like KVIFF.TV, KVIFF Talents, or KVIFF.TV Park. Rockaway’s aim is to utilize this experience in the area of the film festival, support the music industry in the Czech Republic and Central Europe and further actively develop activities related to the festival. “At Rockaway, we’re happy to be a part of such a significant musical and cultural event. I’m confident that we’ll succeed in establishing cooperation with the team and in the future take Colours of Ostrava to a new level, similarly to what we’ve succeeded in doing with the Karlovy Vary Film Festival team during its 56th year, so a bit more than a year of mutual collaboration,” adds Jan Jírovec, Rockaway Capital investment partner, who is simultaneously a KVIFF Group board member.