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November 23, 2020,

Rockaway is launching a newsletter in which personalities from its portfolio will convey their business experience

Rockaway is launching a newsletter in which personalities from its portfolio will convey their business experience

Practical advice, tested management methods, and inspiring ideas from the world of business. This is what the new Rockaway Insider newsletter will offer starting this week, allowing you to take inspiration from those in the know – the experienced personalities who stand behind the Rockaway Capital investment group and the successful companies in its portfolio.

“The products and services of companies in our portfolio are already familiar to millions of customers in sixteen European countries, and now we’d like people to also get to know those who stand behind our companies. Insights and business advice from dozens of experienced managers can be a source of interesting inspiration to everyone,” says Pavel Kalouš, Rockaway’s head of PR and Communication.

The e-mail newsletter will be published bi-weekly on every other Wednesday, and will always focus on a manager from a company like as Mall.cz, Heureka, Košík.cz, Storyous, Invia, Productboard, or Rockaway Capital itself. In a series of answers you will then find out what the particular individual learned from the year 2020, the best piece of advice they follow in business, which mistake taught them the most, or what advice they would give to those in the beginnings of a start-up.

The first issue of the Rockaway Insider, which you can subscribe to here, will be delivered to your inbox on Wednesday, November 25, In it Tomáš Braverman, the head of the largest European group of price comparison sites portals, the Heureka Group, will share his experiences.

“The popularity of e-mail newsletters is growing globally, and for us it’s another interesting communication channel that offers us closer contact with our customers. However, we didn’t want to bore them by adding to the avalanche of daily news we’re all subjected to, and instead focused on unique and interesting content based on questions for which most newspaper interviews leave little time,” adds Kalouš.

By clicking on “Subscribe” you agree to subscribe to the Rockaway Insider newsletter using the specified e-mail address. You can cancel your subscription at any time directly in the newsletter.