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November 24, 2020,

In an historical success for the Czech Republic, the Czech #martyisdead TV series has received an International Emmy Award, also known as the television Oscar

In an historical success for the Czech Republic, the Czech #martyisdead TV series has received an International Emmy Award, also known as the television Oscar

In New York today, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced that the Czech on-line series #martyisdead won an International Emmy Award. The announcement was made during the gala ceremony for the 48th annual International Emmy Awards, which took place on-line for the first time this year. The series, which deals with cyberbullying, became the first ever Czech series to receive this prestigious award. During the on-line ceremony, producers Milan Kuchynka and Vratislav Šlajer accepted the Emmy Award in the Short-Form Series category. The series was also co-produced by Jakub Koštál, and directed by Pavel Soukup.

Just being nominated from among thousands of series from around the world was an amazing success for the show’s Czech creators, especially in the face of competition from global players like Netflix and HBO. Receiving the first-ever Emmy for a Czech series is also an important moment for Czech cinematography. The #martyisdead series was selected from among 44 nominated works or artists in 11 categories and from 21 countries. In the short-form series category, it was nominated along with three others from Australia, Argentina, and Singapore. “We see the first ever Emmy for the #martyisdead series as a success for Czech filmmakers and the entire Czech Republic. We’re also pleased that a Czech genre production succeeded in the face of such great global competition,” said producers Vratislav Šlajer and Milan Kuchynka.

And as the creators of #martyisdead say: Social networks don’t rule only our lives, but death too. The originally problem-free Martin, aka Marty, records himself as well as others using his phone during moments that everyone would rather erase from their memory. As the symbolic hashtag indicates, Marty might be dead, but someone else need not be. The series is co-produced by Bionaut, Mall.tv, and CZ.NIC in cooperation with the “Bezpečně na netu” project.

The series features Jakub Nemčok as Marty, with Petra Bučková, Jan Grundman, Sára Korbelová, Matěj Havelka, Andrej Polák, and others. The script was written by Jaroslav T. Miška and Jan Stehlík. Czech viewers were able to watch the on-line awards ceremony in New York in a special programme with Czech commentary on Mall.tv.

The Emmy Award is not the only international success for the #martyisdead series. It won the Best Digital Series award at the Austin Film Festival in Texas and awards for best direction and screenplay at the Marseille Web Fest. It was named best television and internet series at the Finále Plzeň Film Festival, and last year took home an award for best web series from the Serial Killer Festival. The story also doesn’t end with Marty’s death. The creators of the series are already planning its continuation under the name #annaismissing, once again co-produced by Bionaut and Mall.tv. While the award-winning series dealt with cyberbullying and the moral limits of activities occurring behind password-protected accounts, the central motif of the upcoming series is an investigation into the abduction of a child for purposes of producing and selling illegal videos.

#martyisdead – MALL.TV

Seriál #martyisdead je historicky prvním českým seriálem, který získal 23. listopadu 2020 prestižní mezinárodní cenu EMMY. Záznam z napínavého předávání cen si můžete pu