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February 1, 2021,

Mall.TV and CNC are working with the Czech Olympic Committee and WPP to bring exclusive content from Tokyo

Mall.TV and CNC are working with the Czech Olympic Committee and WPP to bring exclusive content from Tokyo


Due to the Summer Olympics, which were postponed to this year, the Czech Olympic Committee is working with the Mall.TV internet channel, the CNC publishing house, and WPP to jointly bring sports fans exclusive digital content from behind the scenes of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. CNC’s digital and print publications combined with Mall.TV’s technology will give rise to Czech Team TV.

“Working with the Czech Olympic Committee will allow us to demonstrate the breadth of our media portfolio as well as ad creation across media types. With increasing frequency, we are creating custom cross-media campaigns for clients, and investment into our own tech infrastructure has allowed us to bring these comprehensive campaigns under one roof data-wise,” says Juraj Felix, co-CEO of CNC and CEO of Mall.TV, regarding this collaboration.

“The Olympic Games are not only for sports fans; they are a pan-cultural phenomenon, which is why for this project we looked for a publishing house with a strong position in the digital market that will help us reach all sorts of target groups. We picked CNC, as it not only owns the most widely read sports daily, but also dozens of other print and above all digital publications,” says Tomáš Houska, the Czech Olympic Committee’s head of digital communications.

“Sports broadcasts from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be broadcast by media partners Czech Television and Czech Radio; our aim is to supplement and further combine this content. We will thus be creating primarily for the internet, involving key individuals from the world of sports and beyond, and through the use of new formats we want to put fans in the middle of things,” says Tomáš Houska. “Ideally, we’ll show Lukáš Krpálek on Czech Team TV a couple of hours before the race, then the entire nation will watch him race live on Czech Television or listen to Czech Radio, and then the next day will watch a playback of the celebration in the Czech House on isport.cz. Mall.TV is helping us from a technological, production, and programming perspective. I really like the fact that winners of an international Emmy Award are now helping us come up with ways to communicate Czech sport in the twenty-first century.”

The Czech Olympic Committee will make use of CNC media, which reach up to 7.5 million Czechs, i.e. 85 % of the population aged 15+. Mall.TV will supply the technology for broadcast and interactive combination with additional content. Aside from news reports from the Olympic Games themselves they will also jointly create entirely new programming concepts, will will feature popular Czech athletes and other personalities as both subjects and co-creators. All programmes will be available on the new Olympic internet channel, Czech Team TV, as well as places where viewers are already used to seeing such content: social networks, the Sport daily paper, or isport.cz.

For WPP, a global leader in the communications market, the joint project is an ideal way to maximize the impact and efficiency of their clients’ media budgets, including a number of current partners of the Czech Olympic team. Efficacy and campaign monitoring is one of CNC’s key areas of focus for this year. Thanks to the millions of CZK it has invested into its own platform, it can now measure cross-media campaigns as well as merge campaign data with e-commerce data from the Mall Group and focus according to shopping behaviour. It can thus offer advertisers precise data on the efficacy of their commercial messages. Aside from new programmes, new, special advertising positions and other innovations are being planned for the 2021 Summer Olympic Games that will allow brands to link themselves to unique Olympic content.