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Rockaway/ Blockchain

We are looking for a Quantitative Analyst (“QA”) for Rockaway Blockchain Fund – Venture Capital firm focused on the blockchain industry. The QA will take full end-to-end responsibility for developing data-driven analysis and investment framework.


  • IT background, degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
  • Experience and successful track record in programming and data mining (minimum 2 years).
  • Autonomous in taking ownership and at the same time team player
  • Entrepreneurship and drive (curiosity-driven, not searching for easy way out).
  • Ability to structure, analyze and synthesize complex problems
  • Commitment to excellence.
  • Proficiency in writing of technical and investment articles.


  • Expertise in blockchain / cryptocurrency investing.
  • Established network and relationships with technical founders and blockchain experts.



  • Develop quantitative models to support investment decisions (investment, divestment, rebalancing) into digital assets.
  • Define and track key performance indicators (“KPIs”) for applications utilizing public blockchains (such as Price-to-Earnings ratio, Price-to-Burn ratio, transaction volume, trading volume, monetary velocity, etc.).
  • Analyze public blockchain data to find asymmetry between KPIs and asset price on secondary market. Find patterns leading to anomalies in asset valuations.
  • Develop processes and algorithms for automated lead generation. (i.e. by scanning credible newsletters, twitter feeds, Google trends, Alexa rankings, blog posts, etc.).


  • Lead technical due diligence, perform code reviews, read technical documentation (search for bugs, security holes and performance bottlenecks).
  • Test product prototypes (run blockchain nodes, deploy smart contracts, query APIs).


  • Conduct research on topics as defined by the team.
  • Periodically write articles and knowledge nuggets.
  • Help build internal knowledge database.
  • Be recognized as a “thought leader” in the crypto space.


  • Establish and nurture network of technical founders and subject matter experts; ideal profile is already deeply connected to the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Actively seek speaking opportunities at crypto conferences; ideal profile is already respected in the crypto community.


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Na Hřebenech II 1718/8, Praha, Czech Republic

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