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News written by Michaela Papežová

Rockaway hands over its transport-connection search engine to the CNC media house

The CNC media house is launching its own transport-connection search engine, www.bileto.cz, on a platform originally developed by the start-up Bileto, part of the Rockaway investment group. Rockaway has had the Bileto platform in its portfolio for the past four years, during which it actively worked on the platform’s development.

Chytrý Honza enters a new phase and reinforces its management

Chytrý Honza will be following up on its excellent results this year and, with the New Year, will enter a new phase. With its planned entry into new markets, Chytrý Honza is expanding its management with experienced executives and will solidify its position as the fastest growing broker on the market. In the new era, the company will be led by Nicolas Eich, who has experience from the top French brokerage, Meilleurtaux.com.

Techloop Receives EUR 5 million Investment from Springtide Ventures and Rockaway Ventures

Prague, 28 November 2017 – Having received seed investment from Rockaway Ventures last year, Techloop, a virtual marketplace connecting IT professionals and prospective employers, has now obtained a Series A investment from Springtide Ventures/KKCG with the participation of Rockaway Ventures. The investment totals five million euros (close to 130 million crowns). The Series A investment will allow the startup to expand its virtual IT recruitment marketplace to other European countries.

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