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May 13, 2020,

Storyous is deploying QR codes in restaurants for ordering and paying with mobile phones

Storyous is deploying QR codes in restaurants for ordering and paying with mobile phones

Order using your phone right at the table. Safely and comfortably. Also pay from your seat when you want to leave, without having to flag down a waiter. This is another part of the Restaurant of the Future concept that is being introduced by Storyous. You can already try it out today in the Červený Jelen restaurant in Prague. During the time of the global pandemic, it also offers the ability to order food without the need to touch a menu that could collect viruses or bacteria.

“Every restaurant will obtain unique QR codes that it will place on tables. Customers will scan the code using their phones, choose and order from a digital menu, and will also pay with a card on-line. All will occur in a contactless manner, hence with maximum hygiene. Each guest will also have their own profile, allowing them to then order without the need to re-enter their card number,” says Igor Třeslín, CEO of Storyous, in describing the project.

QR codes and technology are the latest trend for restaurants, which in the current situation they hope will provide safer operation for both employees and guests as well as better service for guests. “The use of this technology reduces order errors and thus reduces staff workload. Restaurants can therefore employ up to 40 % fewer people. Those that remain will recommend what guests should order, adding value to the ordering process,” adds Třeslín.

Test operation will show whether similar technologies will further change the relationship with guests. “We expect the system to substantially accelerate the ordering process, resulting in a lot of time saved, which our staff will then be able to spend on customer care. We hope that this will also reduce errors, as each order will be absolutely specific. Guests will have much greater freedom, more time to order, and when paying won’t have to wait for wait staff to come by. And the restaurant will be able to devote more time to the quality of its service and customer satisfaction,” explains Luboš Kastner, director of operations for the Hospodska network, which operates renowned restaurants in Prague and Pilsen. Their Červený Jelen restaurant in Prague will be one of the first where guests will try out ordering and paying using their phones.

Storyous is also launching the www.onemenu.cz contactless restaurant ordering project in Poland and Spain, where restaurants are also preparing to reopen under strict hygienic conditions.

About Storyous
Storyous is creating a comprehensive restaurant system that simplifies everyday tasks related to food service operations. It is automating processes thanks to interconnection with suppliers or accountants and hotel systems; it currently processes 10 percent of revenue in the Czech food service industry.

About Hospodska
Hospodska is a gastronomy group that focuses on operating high-end restaurants. Their Červený Jelen restaurant in Prague’s Špork Palace is the largest in the country.