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November 10, 2020,

Storyous, Zdeněk Pohlreich, and Liftago have joined forces to present a delivery system that is fair to restaurants, delivery services, and consumers alike

Storyous, Zdeněk Pohlreich, and Liftago have joined forces to present a delivery system that is fair to restaurants, delivery services, and consumers alike

These are truly trying times for restaurateurs. Only slightly over half of restaurants are open, and in October revenues in the industry dropped by 49 % compared to last year. The only options now available to keep a restaurant going are to have a take-out window or deliver food to customers’ homes. However, the most popular delivery services often operate on terms that make it untenable for many restaurants to work with them. Storyous, which focuses of developing technologies for the restaurant industry, and Zdeněk Pohlreich, a popular chef and owner of of several successful restaurants, have therefore come up with an alternative platform, OneMenu.cz, which is built on fairness to customers, delivery services, and especially restaurants. The project’s delivery partner is successful Czech transport company Liftago.

OneMenu.cz: Férový rozvoz a jídlo s sebou

Vaše www.onemenu.cz – Zdeněk Pohlreich, Café Imperial – Igor Třeslín, Storyous – Ondřej Krátký, Liftago

“The OneMenu.cz service has been in operation since the spring wave of the epidemic as a way to order food from a take-away window on-line. Thanks to requests from many restaurants, we are now extending the service to also include delivery, and I am very pleased that Zdeněk Pohlreich has decided to help create and further develop the project and that Liftago will provide delivery,” says Storyous CEO Igor Třeslín in describing the new service.

For consumers, the service will work similarly to existing food delivery services. Customers will choose a restaurant on the OneMenu.cz website, put their order in the shopping basket, enter the delivery address, and pay on-line. Restaurants can also add a link to the service directly on their websites. However, the main difference is in the relationship between the service, the delivery company, and the restaurant. “The restaurant sets the price the customer pays for home delivery. The price charged by Liftago to the restaurant is fixed, and thus does not increase with the price of the total order,” explains Ondřej Krátký, founder and CEO of Liftago.

“Right now, restaurants have one key priority: to survive this crisis. As things stood up to now, due to the margin charged by delivery services our survival would however have been at the expense of the quality of the ingredients we use to prepare the food. And this road to survival benefits no-one. Restaurants wants to cook good food and customers want to eat quality meals. OneMenu.cz will make this possible, and so is now the best choice for us all. It’s not free, but it’s fair,” says Zdeněk Pohlreich.

“Restaurants that are now actively using the OneMenu service for take-away food accept up to 25-30 % of all orders through this service. That was prior to the addition of delivery in cooperation with Liftago and Zdeněk Pohlreich, so we’re expecting this number to grow,” adds Igor Třeslín from Storyous.

Restaurants can connect their businesses to OneMenu.cz after contacting Storyous. Users can already now place their first fair home delivery orders via OneMenu.cz. Storyous charges a 3.79 % margin on all orders. The price of delivery is fixed for restaurants, and for the customer it differs from restaurant to restaurant depending on how much of the cost of delivery the restaurant decides to pay itself and how much of the cost it passes on to the customer.