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January 1, 2021,

Leading European FinTech company SaltPay invests in Storyous, a startup in the Rockaway Capital portfolio

Leading European FinTech company SaltPay invests in Storyous, a startup in the Rockaway Capital portfolio

Tech startup Storyous, which is part of the portfolio of the Rockaway Capital investment group and provides cash register systems and operations management to restaurants, has a new strategic investor: SaltPay, a leading European FinTech player that provides innovative and complete payment solutions for businesses and a related payment eco-system.

This key investment, whose amount and other details none of the parties will comment on, comes at a time when thanks to the coronavirus pandemic the benefits of the Storyous solution for restaurant operations have become fully evident. This is because this modern platform allows for comprehensive and clear restaurant management, thus significantly improving efficiency during a time rife with uncertainty.

“This is an exceptionally successful transaction for Rockaway, and for Storyous it is an excellent opportunity that we hope will be a significant step toward further growth. An alliance with a strong player like SaltPay will open paths to more European markets for Storyous, and we’re truly looking forward to that,” says Dušan Zábrodský, investment partner at Rockaway Capital, regarding the transaction.

Storyous brings its customers a perfect overview of their entire business, from simple and efficient stock-keeping, revenue tracking, and sale of individual products to payment and connection to popular reservation services. In the autumn, Storyous introduced the OneMenu.cz service, which allows restaurants to accept on-line orders along with a fairer delivery system.

“A strategic partnership with SaltPay give us a terrific opportunity and clear pathway to accelerate our own mission to support restaurants and other SMEs owners across Europe and beyond. Since our beginnings 5 years ago, our solution has been proved by several thousand businesses and is ready to scale. The synergies we envisage in the combination of our management solution with the payment ecosystem of SaltPay will bring great additional benefits to our customers, and that is the goal of our endeavors,” says in closing IGOR TŘESLÍN, Storyous CEO.