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June 4, 2024,

Rockaway, with the support of the MTX Group, presents RockawayQ: a new investment holding company focused on digital transformation of traditional companies

Rockaway, with the support of the MTX Group, presents RockawayQ: a new investment holding company focused on digital transformation of traditional companies

Jakub Havrlant’s Rockaway Capital investment group along with co-founder MTX Group, owned by Petr Otava, presents its latest investment holding company called RockawayQ. It is thus reacting to the growing demand for modern digital tools that will help companies grow and remain competitive in an era of revolutionary technological changes. RockawayQ will focus on the digital transformation of traditional companies with the use of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI). The aim of both founding partners is to make it possible for other qualified investors to invest in RockawayQ.

The development of artificial intelligence tools has recently been undergoing an unprecedented boom and is pushing the limits of possibility in many sectors. Improved algorithms, better data usability, and growing computing capacity are allowing companies to achieve impressive results more quickly and efficiently at lower operating costs. This is accompanied by changing expectations of customers who are quickly becoming accustomed to increasingly personalized services. Traditional companies that have hitherto had a stable position on the market are thus facing a tough challenge consisting of quickly incorporating modern digital tools into their key processes.

As an active investor, RockawayQ provides both financial support and strategic consulting, including the implementation of technological solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of companies and support their long-term success on the market. RockawayQ has an extensive network of experts, mentors, and software engineers at its disposal.

“The launch of RockawayQ is a strategic step aligned with our tradition of being at the forefront of technological development. We’re watching how quickly AI technology is developing and we see the need for established companies to integrate these technologies to improve their competitiveness and improve their position on the market. Our exceptional results in the area of technology investments mean that the role of RockawayQ exceeds that of a typical investor. This is also emphasized by our plans to build our own data infrastructure, which we want to offer to the companies in our portfolio. We want to be a partner who uses its expertise and extensive human resources to help these companies undergo the digital transformation process in an effective manner and make maximum use of newly available technologies,” says Dušan Zábrodský, Rockaway Capital investment partner, regarding the launch of RockawayQ.

”We see working with RockawayQ as a path toward the utilization of AI tools to manage industrial companies. We’re currently working on increasing first-pass yield in one of our older rolling lines, and the results so far have convinced us that fundamental process improvements can also be achieved without having to replace old technology with new,” adds David Bečvář, Chief Strategy Officer of MTX Group.

RockawayQ will focus primarily on established B2B companies with a loyal customer base and growth potential in sectors in which Rockaway Capital has extensive experience. Working with MTX Group also opens the door to working with companies from the industrial sector. From the perspective of company financing, RockawayQ is flexible. It focuses on both primary and secondary transactions with the option of a complete buy-out.