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November 20, 2020,

Gjirafa and ThreatMark are among the 50 fastest-growing companies in Central Europe

Gjirafa and ThreatMark are among the 50 fastest-growing companies in Central Europe

Two companies in the Rockaway portfolio have fought their way into Deloitte’s Fast 50 Central Europe for 2020, a list of the fifty fastest-growing tech companies in Central Europe – the Gjirafa content and e-commerce platform took 11th place, and Brno start-up ThreatMark 32nd place. The list monitored revenue growth over four years during 2016-2019, which was 1509 % for Gjirafa and 783 % for ThreatMark.

“The inclusion in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Central Europe for 2020 is a terrific testament to the important work the team at ThreatMark does every day,” said Michal Tresner, ThreatMark’s CEO. “As the world goes through rapid digitalization processes, many cybercriminals jeopardize the prosperity and trust of both consumers and companies. Our fight against fraud and threats in online banking and beyond has never been more important, and I’m personally glad it has been widely recognized by our users and the market.”

Rockaway first invested into ThreatMark in 2017, and this year increased its investment. “This expresses our satisfaction with investing in a company that is doing very well. We have full confidence in Michael Tresner’s management team and in his product, the need for which has increased even more in the Covid era, when many more people are communicating with banks and similar secured services electronically,” said Rockaway investment partner Andrea Lauren.

„This is an important milestone and we are truly honoured for this recognition. What makes this even more important is that it is the first time a company from Kosovo has made the list. Regardless of the enervating challenges that come with the region, it is a region that also provides opportunities that are hard to find in other markets. However, the company won’t grow itself; it takes a coherent team with grit and obsession, strong partners, forward looking clients, blue chip investors, world reputable advisors, and above all the faith and support of the overall community. At Gjirafa we were lucky to have all of the above, and would like to thank all of you for your continuous support. Without you this would not have been possible – we see you and we appreciate you,“ said Mergim Cahani, founder and CEO of Gjirafa.

The Rockaway Group has been investing into Gjirafa since 2016, and last year it increased its total investment to US$ 8.7 million. „Mergim Cahani and his team validated our trust and truly succeeded in building a centrepiece of innovation for the whole region. Thanks to this very positive experience we are committed to building a digital economy in the region and are actively exploring new investment opportunities where we can use our knowledge to digitalize traditional industries,“ said Dušan Zábrodský, Rockaway investment partner, in speaking to TechCrunch magazine at the time.