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November 8, 2017,

Rockaway convening another hackathon, the top team will receive CZK 100,000

Rockaway convening another hackathon, the top team will receive CZK 100,000

For the third consecutive year, Rockaway is challenging Czech and foreign developers to compete in a hackathon in Prague focused on practical solutions to problems in the area of e-commerce. The technology partner of the event will be IBM, whose cloud services will be used by the participants. Teams composed of a maximum of four people will have 24 hours to create the required solutions. The team with the best solution will receive a prize of CZK 100,000 from Rockaway.

“Every year we attempt to position the hackathon so that it works with actual problems that may be encountered in online business. This year we decided to focus solely on e-commerce and we selected four scenarios, the resolution of which would make life easier for us and for our customers,” says Viktor Kustein, HR 2.0 at Rockaway. “We know that in order for the result to be truly functional, it must fulfil a broad range of conditions. Fulfilment of those conditions will be overseen by experienced mentors from IBM and Mall Group, who will also be available for technical consultations. For us, all of this is about getting the best results possible, so we will strive to assist the teams.”

IBM’s cloud platform makes it possible to involve state-of-the-art technology, such as neuron networks, and mastering it can be the key to success. “So that we won’t be held up with preparation and setting up during the hackathon, we want at least one member of each team to attend the Kick-off Meeting. But it benefits everyone,” adds Petr Leština, Cloud leader at the IBM Czech Republic. “At the same time, it’s not necessary to be afraid of the cloud; participants will be able to write code in the programming language of their choice.”

“Because this is about the practical usability of the resulting solution, Rockaway will reward the best team a practical prize – CZK 100,000,” says Kustein.

That the Rockaway hackathon platform works is evidenced by the previous successful editions of the event. Last year’s winner was a team that, over the course of one night, developed a proposal for detailed payment history in online banking. The hackathon led to the establishment of the firm Paystory and cooperation with a bank. “The idea so greatly appealed to us that work did not end with the announcement of the hackathon’s result. We rather decided to continue with it,” says one of the firm’s two founders, Vojtěch Uhlíř. “Working within such a tight time limit has a number of pitfalls and is demanding, but at the same time, it forces you to focus and allows you to get to know your partners better. At least it worked for us – under pressure, we realised that we work well together and enjoy collaborating,” adds the firm’s other founder, Filip Suk. “If we hadn’t entered the Rockaway Hackathon, that door perhaps would not have been opened to us. You never know what kind of opportunity might come out of it.”

The Kick-off Meeting is planned for Monday, 20 November, at IBM’s offices; the hackathon itself will take place at Impact HUB in Prague on 1-2 December. Participating teams will be charged a symbolic registration fee of CZK 200.

More information is available at hackathon.rockawaycapital.com.