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June 2, 2021,

The #2 company on the on-line electronics market has grown double and added a total of 5.5 billion

The #2 company on the on-line electronics market has grown double and added a total of 5.5 billion

The GEEKs at CZC.cz have had a record fiscal year*, during which they processed 1.5 million orders worth CZK 5.5 billion excluding VAT, resulting in 30 % year-over-year growth. They did well in the computer and gaming categories, as well as in the B2B segment, where year-over-year revenue growth more than doubled to 77 %. Together with its customers, CZC.cz also helped collect more than CZK 3 million for laptops, among other things, for children from disadvantaged families.

The global pandemic shut Czechs up at home, thus defining the most successful categories, which in the past fiscal year included computers and gaming with 49 % year-over-year growth. The most popular products were gaming consoles, steering wheels, or for example gaming chairs, which became the fastest-growing item in the gaming segment. Mobile phones also did well, with 30 % year-over-year growth.
Hand in hand with the increase in interest in computers came increased customer interest in computer system assembly. Despite a critical shortage of components on the market, the GEEKs assembled 18 % more than the previous year, which translates to almost 15,000 assembled systems. During 2020, CZC.cz also succeeded in exceeding the milestone of 100,000 assemblies dating back to 2010. Customers ordered a third of all assemblies in the past fiscal year via the CZC PC Configurator service, launched in February 2020. Another factor behind this success is the long-term strategy of increasing the number of products in stock so customers aren’t impacted by shortages, such as those involving components.

“We’ve had an exceptional year with exceptional results. And it’s not just about financial parameters. I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved on that parallel path alongside everyday business. Right at the start, in a fit of euphoria, we proved to ourselves what a strong corporate culture can achieve and what things look like when customer service truly comes first. We wanted to be, at all costs, those who quickly allow people to work and play from home and to allow children to continue their education. The many things we learned during the unusual situations brought by the pandemic year will be critical for our future initiatives,” says Jitka Dvořáková, CEO of CZC.cz, regarding the results.

The fact that the customer comes first is also illustrated by an experiment where CZC.cz listened to the wishes of its customers during Black Friday and, despite market standards, calculated discounts based on the last price before the inclusion of the given product in the Black Friday campaign. These fair discounts resulted in a record 266,000 site visits that day. Over the course of the entire year, the CZC.cz website had 72,000,000 visits, a 20 % year-over-year increase.

Despite the pandemic, in the last fiscal year CZC.cz also experimented with this product catalogue, to which it added 4000 “non-electronic” items in the new CZC.Lab category featuring selected snacks, cosmetics, comics, and gaming accessories for off-line GEEK life.
As in previous years, this fiscal year GEEKs and their customers joined forces to collect a record CZK 3,220,188 to help single parents. Through the Single Mothers’ Club, this collection helped defray costs for parents in difficult financial circumstances. Part of the proceeds were used to purchase laptops for distance learning for more than 200 children from incomplete families. In December, GEEKs held a charity gaming stream with leading Czech influencers to help promote the “Don’t Let It Be” anti-bullying application in additional Czech schools.

* 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021