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June 12, 2017,

Leadership Conference: Viktor Kustein demonstrates HR chatbot in real time

Leadership Conference: Viktor Kustein demonstrates HR chatbot in real time

On Thursday, 1 June, several hundred conference-goers packed Kino Lucerna to hear nine speakers talk about their experience with managing people across the broadest range of fields – from outfitting bathrooms to saving lives – and the atmosphere was electrifying.

“The other speakers here talked about how leadership works in their own particular experience. I would like to show what we can probably expect and where we see the right path to the future,” Viktor Kustein, head of HR 2.0 at Rockaway, said in the introduction of his talk.

“Today a huge amount of time is spent on routine activities and administration, for example, when we could be focusing on activities that challenge our intellect and would thus be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Therefore, we have to seek out technologies that would buy us – managers, leaders… call it what you will – time to work with people. Only then will we be able to build relationships and an environment that people will enjoy and in which they will work well.”

“There may be a full range of such technologies. As an example, I will show you tools that map relationships between people, so you don’t have to rely only on what you learn from others over coffee in the canteen, for example. Or chatbots, which accelerate communication in recurring scenarios. There are a lot of possibilities,” said Kustein, who then showed the audience how a conversation with a chatbot could look in practice.

“The chatbot itself asks the candidate questions about everything, which we would otherwise have to ask. About skills and experience, and it can ask the candidate to record a video greeting for us,” said Kustein, laying out the possibilities. “Now when we talk with individual candidates, that takes a lot of time and always unfolds almost in the same way – we need to find out particular information that sometimes isn’t provided in a CV. The chatbot can truly untie our hands, so we are currently preparing its actual implementation.”

“But we can’t forget the fact that these technologies have to serve us and make our work easier. Whatever platform we may use, our ability to work with other people will always play an indispensable role,” Kustein said, concluding his talk to the capacity crowd.

Other than Viktor Kustein, the conference speakers included Tomáš Šebek (Lékaři bez hranic, ULékaře.cz), Taťána Gregor Kuchařová (Krása pomoci), Richard Galovič (Favorit), Richard Hodul (Tchibo), Jaroslava Valová (SIKO), Martin Palička (Etnetera) and Petr Ludwig (Growjob), who was also the conference organiser.

Photos from the conference are available HERE.