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June 8, 2016,

ROCdevs Open Day: Dozens of software developers, questions and answers

ROCdevs Open Day: Dozens of software developers, questions and answers

Thursday evening, small screening room completely full, jitters in the air. More than 50 software developers have gathered here – they would like to know how a company with a bunch of teams, dealing with various projects, works. Lectures, tour through the building, and a very lively debate are about to start.

“We wanted to show the people how it works in a company which builds a huge system for many online stores, and at the same time experiments with technologies in start-ups. We prepared a series of short lectures by people who deal with everyday tasks, so they could pass undistorted information to people who were interested,” said Viktor Kustein, HR 2.0 Rockaway. At the very beginning of the evening, he summed up what Rockaway actually deals with, and what is the relation between individual online stores and other companies. “The size of our portfolio is a big advantage for software developers, as we believe in connecting people. That is why the platform ROCdevs, where we can meet up and exchange experience, was set up. And that is also why we are here – we try to share as many thing as possible,” Kustein added.

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After that the floor was passed to Tomáš Strejček, the head of E-commerce Holding platform development. He was speaking about technology challenges which e-commerce brings: “When we start to talk about software development for online stores, a  lot of people react in  this way: “Why should I do something like this?” However, if you dive deeper into it, you will understand quite fast that the development of complex platform is a pretty complicated and interesting thing,” Strejček said. “During the evening people were asking about many details, and I believe that we managed to give them some idea about it and showed them what exactly the point is.”

Jiří Riedl from Finnology focused on our FinTech projects – he was speaking about connecting the world of finance and technologies, and the diametrical differences between them. “For me, the most important thing is the fact that we have a great team which I can absolutely rely on. It´s a pleasure to work with people who think about their work and like doing it, and it is even better to have the opportunity to praise them in this way.”

Another contribution called “What are you on?” was presented by Boris Zovčák, the head of E-commerce Holding project managers. He was talking about managing big teams, their coordination and the system of priorities. This part then turned into one big discussion about everything from technical details to strategy and vision. Even an unexpected guest, Jan Jírovec from Rockaway, took part in the discussion about long-term plans. “I am happy that so many people are interested in our work. Currently, we expect to have a very demanding period, and I think it will be big and valuable experience for all of us,” Jírovec said.

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Last part of the program was quite light – Viktor Kustein interviewed Štěpán Řemínek, one of our PHP programmers. “First of all, I enjoy the opportunity to be present where something really big originates,” Řemínek said.

“We would like to thank all participants. In near future, we plan many other events, hackathons, or attending various conferences,” Kustein summarized it.

The program was completed with a tour through Rockaways´ headquarters – they have a seat larger than 3600m2 in Kavčí Hory Office Park. “That´s really pretty crazy, so many offices in one building one next to another,” one of the participants commented on the tour.