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March 11, 2016,

Dušan Zábrodský: I see the future of e-commerce in omnichannel

Dušan Zábrodský:  I see the future of e-commerce in omnichannel

At the beginning of February, Dušan Zábrodský was one of the panellists of top-to-top panel discussion at Retail Summit 2016. Its main topic was “How to restore value in retail” and the discussion was focused on the importance of retail for the society, cooperation with manufacturers, and last but not least, on the Internet which can be perceived both as an opportunity and threat.

“People have always been searching for the best price on the Internet; they have never been looking for some added value, and they even did not use to expect any value,” Dušan Zábrodský says. “I think this is exactly what needs to originate now. Big Internet players benefit from their history – customers keep coming, as they look for fair price and transparent offers; on the other hand, nowadays, it is necessary to give the customer something more.”

Zábrodský was speaking about current situation in the Czech Republic and about his idea how the market shall develop. “Current retail has a reputation of resellers, so no wonder that traditional retail does not belong to segments supported by the state.  But in fact, very little is needed – to put the customer in the first place, and change the model buy it cheaply and sell at a high price for sell with something extra which I can make myself. This approach is a natural thing in e-commerce, because without that you simply cannot survive in the competitive environment.”

Retail Summit 2016

“I no longer believe in pure e-commerce as we used to know it. It has its customers, but it also has also its limits – especially as far as growth is concerned. I am  a big fan of omnichannel. I believe that shopping must be carried out via all available segments and channels, I mean mobile phones, tablets or desktops to be specific; we prepare showrooms; we can also discuss distribution points, etc.”

“Total value of retail will be increased mainly by customer-oriented approach, i.e. something that is a natural thing for us. Retailers who will not focus on their customers´ wishes will not survive. Online retail is not just about reselling products with some profit margin; we want more. The customer must feel that he is surrounded with some kind of ecosystem which covers all his needs and creates natural environment where he can feel very comfortable. Only then will he be willing to spend his money and built some kind of relation.”

Dušan Zábrodský: Budoucnost e-commerce vidím v omnichannelu (Retail Summit 2016)

Dušan Zábrodský byl začátkem února hostem top-to-top panelu na Retail Summitu 2016. Hlavní téma znělo “Jak obchodování vrátit hodnotu?”, diskuze se zaměřila na význam obchodu pro společnost, spolupráci s výrobci, a samozřejmě také na internet, který můžu být vnímán jako příležitost i jako hrozba.

“The forecast for e-commerce in general is quite simple – it will grow very fast – no doubt about that. We in Rockaway believe in interconnecting offline and online world, thanks to which brand new services and products may develop to make the life of each of us simpler. It is not possible to see the Internet in terms of either threat or opportunity – it is no longer valid. the Internet has become a part of our daily life and that it just a fact.

Members of Top-to-top panel were, besides Dušan Zábrodský, also Petra Buzková (Initiative for Fair Business – Iniciativa pro férový obchod), Drahomíra Mandíková (Plzeňský Prazdroj), Marta Nováková (Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism – SOCR ČR), Gabriel Csollár (COOP Jednota Slovensko), Espen B. Larsen (Penny Market) and Ivan Pilný (Chamber of Deputies, CR). The discussion for almost 1000 Retail Summit visitors was hosted by Martin Veselovský.

Best retailers of 2015

Every year, the most successful retailers are awarded at Retail Summit.  For the second time, CZC.cz from E-commerce Holding was awarded “MasterCard Electronics Retailer 2015“. “We are very honoured to receive this award. I believe that we got it especially thanks to our approach – we try to be as close as possible to our customers, to be their advisor and partner, ” said Jitka Dvořáková, CEO of CZC.cz.