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April 28, 2021,

Rockaway Blockchain Fund establishes an open-end mutual fund, with investment also possible through J&T Bank

Rockaway Blockchain Fund establishes an open-end mutual fund, with investment also possible through J&T Bank

The Rockaway Blockchain Fund, the largest European investment fund focused on investment into blockchain and digital assets, with a target value of $ 100 million, is launching an open-ended mutual fund that will allow an even greater range of investors to invest into financial services of the future. Starting in April of this year, it will also be possible to invest in the fund via J&T Bank.

The Rockaway Blockchain open-ended mutual fund (RBOPF) has been created for one sole purpose – to invest into the Rockaway Blockchain Fund (RBF). The RBOPF structure and investment amount allows qualified investors to invest in digital assets starting at CZK 1 million, which will allow a broader range of investors to invest in RBF.

“Recent developments have clearly shown that blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets in general can serve either as a new investment asset or as a technology that digitalizes financial services, making them globally more accessible, cheaper, and faster. This is clearly illustrated by the performance of our portfolio and the interest it is generating among investors,” says Viktor Fischer, the founder and Managing Partner of the Rockaway Blockchain Fund team.

RBF was created in June of last year, and nine months later has already collected over half of its target amount from investors predominantly from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Great Britain, and the USA. So far, the fund has invested in twenty-eight blockchain start-ups and VC funds focusing on investment into DeFi (decentralized finance).

The portfolio has several high-profile acquisitions, led by five unicorns, which are defined as companies valued at over $ 1 billion. These include projects such as 1inch, which places decentralized exchanges under one roof and allows users to obtain the best price from all of these exchanges, Opium, which provides a decentralized form of traditional trading in financial derivatives, and the Solana blockchain operating system. Thanks to these and other projects, the entire portfolio reported growth of over 800 percent at the end of March.

“Though approximately a third of blockchain projects are from Europe, it has no large institutional investor. We have a long-term relationship with the Rockaway Blockchain Fund; we trade deals and analyses, and I can already say that it’s a leader among VC companies,” says TechCrunch founder and one of the first investors in the fund, Michael Arrington.

“Digital technologies and the expanding online world are creating many trends that are also accompanied by interesting investment and business opportunities. That’s why we’re glad to make it possible for our clients to invest in such opportunities. Even though qualified investor funds are designed for a smaller portion of the public, we also see them as an opportunity to get to know the technology better and monitor it over the long term. We are confident that blockchain platforms will find their way to investors,” says Alena Tkáčová, Business and Operations Director at J&T Bank, which starting in April will make possible for its clients to invest into the Rockaway Blockchain open-ended mutual fund.

“No such investment product has existed up to now in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and we’re confident that the area of digital assets has great potential going forward,” adds Ondřej Horák, Executive Director of AMISTA, the investment company that will manage and administer RBOPF.

The current digitalization of the financial world has played a significant role in the explosive growth of blockchain projects, as it has brought more users to DeFi and accelerated the inter-penetration of the traditional financial system with the world of decentralized finance. ”Adoption of new technologies has accelerated, with people naturally preferring cheaper, faster, and easier options for buying dollars or transferring money than using traditional banks. And DeFi is nothing more than financial services without lawyers and banks,” says Fischer, and notes that as opposed to cryptocurrencies, DeFi projects generate real cash flow, have stable revenues, and a growing user base.

The RBF team has been investing in blockchain technology since 2018. The fund is backed by a strong and experienced team with an extensive network of contacts and a portfolio that for over two years has exceeded the growth of the digital assets market. The sponsor of RBF and its main investor is Rockaway Capital, a leading European investor in the area of the digital economy.