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December 3, 2019,

Rockaway Business Dinner vol. II: Luminaries of European business at a venue though which history flowed

Rockaway Business Dinner vol. II: Luminaries of European business at a venue though which history flowed

Together with the media house Motejlekskocdopole.com and champagne producer Taittinger, Jakub Havrlant’s Rockaway investment group hosted seventy luminaries from the world of business on 4 December at the Stará čistička odpadních vod in Prague’s Bubeneč district, which thus became the venue of exclusive interviews and business networking across sectors and countries.

During his interview with Petr Skočdopole, Jakub Havrlant summarised our investment strategy and the reasons why, since the very beginning of Rockaway’s existence, we have been directing our steps toward foreign markets and new opportunities, such as a brand-new fund specialising in blockchain technologies.

Petr Skočdopole recalled the origins of his collaboration with Miroslav Motejlek, with whom he runs the successful media house Motejlekskočdopole.com, which is focused on exclusive paid content. During his interview with Emma Smetana, he confirmed that he had the same approach to creating paid content as the head the New York Times, whom Emma had recently interviewed.

Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger provided a smooth transition from business to the more informal part of the evening. Before introducing the wines that accompanied us during the evening, he spoke about, for example, how the joint management of the family firm with his daughter Vitalie and son Clovis works and how old they were when he first gave them a taste of champagne.

The second part of the evening featured a four-course dinner that was specially composed to highlight Taittinger wines. “A truly interesting group of guests of various nationalities and from a range of sectors came together and created a great atmosphere. I am very pleased by that and, at the same time, I take it as a commitment to hold another, similar event that would offer a relaxed mood while addressing leading figures from the world of business,” says Jan Jírovec, Investment Partner at Rockaway, who was responsible for organising the dinner.