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October 7, 2019,

PPF Group, Daniel Křetínský and Rockaway acquire In Time, intend to improve delivery services

PPF Group, Daniel Křetínský and Rockaway acquire In Time, intend to improve delivery services

A trio of investors – PPF Group, EC Investments and Rockaway – are strengthening their position in the area of delivering parcels from e-shops. They are incorporating into the newly established entity the network of Uloženka pickup points and the courier and delivery company In Time Spedice, whose acquisition was completed in September.

At In Time, the new owners intend to develop new delivery methods and improve services for customers. Approximately 60% of online shoppers choose shipping directly to their address as their preferred delivery method. This is one of the reasons that the three investors consider delivery to be a key area that has a fundamental impact on the development of the e-commerce market. “The moment goods are delivered is often the moment when customers decide whether they were satisfied with their online purchase. A separate new entity that is fully focused on delivery is a way for us to have that moment under control and to guarantee that the customer has the necessary comfort,” explains Michaela Papežová, spokesperson for the Rockaway Group. The new company is co-owned by PPF Group, Daniel Křetínský’s and Patrik Tkáč’s EC Investments, and Jakub Havrlant’s Rockaway investment group, with a 40:40:20 distribution of shares.

In Time is not part of the MALL Group structure. It is a separate company that will continue to offer its services to e-shops and other third parties. The MALL.cz online shopping centre and other members of MALL Group will use the courier services provided by In Time as one of its clients. Petr Brandýský and Ondřej Vaňha will remain in the management of In Time as COO and sales manager, respectively. “We want our customers to have a strong and stable partner that they can rely on and plan to grow with. We have already implemented a number of improvements since the beginning of the year, and improving the quality of delivery services remains our top priority,” says Petr Brandýský.

The other asset is Uloženka, a network of handover and pickup points in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company, which has been operating on the Czech market since 2010, offers customers more than 1,300 locations where they can pick up their purchases and is an integrator of third-party logistics services for e-shops, to which it offers a selection of various types of transport from a single handover point.