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October 31, 2018,

Rockaway and Aegon selling ChytryHonza.cz back to its founder, Jiří Paták

Rockaway and Aegon selling ChytryHonza.cz back to its founder, Jiří Paták

The Rockaway investment group and Aegon financial group are selling their shares in ChytryHonza.cz to Jiří Paták. Over the course of the past ten years, the company has grown from the start-up phase to the position of market leader. The new owner is wagering on the trend of digitalisation of the sector and on the combining of physical distribution with the online environment.

For the Rockaway investment group, this is a significant upvaluation of one of the key pieces of its portfolio, which has been a part of the group since its establishment. “ChytryHonza.cz grew from a start-up with a purely online business model to a size that makes it a full-fledged competitor to traditional financial institutions. I consider that a success in and of itself, and the new investor’s interest only serves to confirm that,” says Andrea Lauren, who is responsible for fintech projects in the Rockaway portfolio.

Over time, ChytryHonza.cz became a leader of the online financial market when in 2013 it combined its existing internet services with offline sales channels in the form of its own branches and the Bonnet network of financial advisers. Thanks to that, in 2016 the company attracted the attention of the Dutch financial group Aegon, which became its new co-owner.

“The next phase of the company will rely on the unique technological solutions that made ChytryHonza.cz a market leader with turnover of more than half a billion korunas. We know that we are able to respond very well to ever increasing digitalisation and we want to set the course that the financial services and products sector will take,” says Jiří Paták.

The transaction was financed by investment group DRFG. “We share withJiří Paták a view of the development of online distribution of financial products and we anticipate that the two entities can establish cooperation based on that in the future,” says David Rusňák, chairman of the board of directors and majority shareholder of DRFG. Any possible capital entry in the company by DRFG is subject to the relevant anti-trust clearance.

In the immediate future, the company will focus primarily on the development of its sales network. It thus intends to invest in facilities as well as in the expertise of its current advisors, though it will also concentrate on expanding its ranks with the addition of new professionals. “ChytryHonza.cz has always managed to attract experts in the areas of mortgages, insurance and investments. High-quality services for the client require the best specialists and the door is always open to such people here,” Paták adds.