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February 6, 2018,

Culture Rocks #4: People who strive for something more than chasing profits or going to work 

Culture Rocks #4: People who strive for something more than chasing profits or going to work 

Rockaway is organising the fourth edition of the Culture Rocks talk-show conference in cooperation with COCUMA, the marketplace of corporate cultures. Those sitting in the guests’ seat will include, among others, Andrea Lauren, Božena Řežábová, Lucie Tvarůžková and David Šiška. Date: 13 February. Venue: DUP39, Prague

“We’ve managed to create a clubhouse for companies which realise that corporate culture is about people and attitudes – and not about branding and promotional materials,” says Viktor Kustein, HR 2.0 at Rockaway. “Rockaway’s representative among this year’s speakers will be Andrea Lauren, who has many years of experience working abroad, where she managed M&A deals both for clients in the private sector and for governments. She herself says that ‘it’s a world where you belong to the firm’. So she decided to go her own way and today she is our investment partner in charge of the fintech part of the portfolio. At Culture Rocks, she will speak about trust in business.”

Andrea Lauren will share the stage with several other speakers, namely Božena Řežábová, CEO of the start-up Gamee, Lucie Tvarůžková of Zonky, Petra Hrušková of Google and David Šiška of Bonami, as well as Petr Rokůsek, head of Nano Energies, who is preparing a special fashion show in cooperation with stand-up comic Jiří Charvát and Zoot.cz. The energy needed to light the fashion show will be produced by conference participants using special bicycle generators.

“We guarantee that Culture Rocks #4 will give you energy and excitement,” says Petr Skondrojanis of the COCUMA portal. “We mainly look forward to seeing everyone who wants to have a well-functioning company and enthusiasm for their work.”

The conference will be held on Tuesday, 13 February, at DUP39 in Prague.

More information is available at www.culturerocks.cz.