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January 30, 2018,

Jakub Daxner strengthens Techloop.io management: “The next few months will be key for us”

Jakub Daxner strengthens Techloop.io management: “The next few months will be key for us”

The Techloop team concluded its successful 2017 by reinforcing its management in three essential positions. Jakub Daxner became the new general manager for Central and Eastern Europe, Veronika Slavíčková took over the role of HR manager and Adam Leitmančík filled the position of product manager. By bringing additional highly experienced professionals into the company’s management, Techloop promises not only to strengthen its current position, but also to accelerate its expansion into other countries.

Jakub Daxner came to Techloop from the Rockaway investment group, where he was responsible for development and foreign expansion of start-ups in the Rockaway Ventures division. At Techloop, he is now using that experience in his position as general manager for Central and Eastern Europe. He will be in charge of optimising processes and Techloop’s growth in CEE, as well as preparation of the company’s rapid expansion into other European countries beyond its existing markets (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden).

“In a short time, Techloop has shown that there is tremendous interest in its platform not only among companies, but also among IT professionals. The key part of my role is to strengthen our position in CEE. Together with the strongest investors in the region, we are also prepared to rapidly expanded into other regions; in our initial discussions with firms and developers, we are already seeing strong interest. The next few months will be key for us and I hope that we will be reporting furthers success soon,” says Jakub Daxner, commenting on his new role.

“I’m pleased by the fact that our support for start-ups can develop into this form, when Jakub Daxner decided to fully dedicate himself to supporting Techloop and is becoming part of its success story,” says Viktor Fischer, head of Rockaway Ventures. Jakub Daxner will remain active within the Rockaway group, though his main focus is on his new role at Techloop. He will benefit also from the experience he gained at McKinsey, where he specialised in the issue of private equity in growth segments and worked in 13 countries on three continents.

Techloop’s CEO, Joao Duarte, adds: “We are very pleased to welcome Jakub into the senior management of Techloop. That we managed to engage such a talented individual is evidence not only of what we have achieved so far, but also of Techloop’s tremendous potential to positively influence the IT sector in the whole CEE region and beyond.”
Another important addition to the team is HR manager Veronika Slavíčková, who has 11 years of experience in the area of internal HR in positions with local and international responsibility. Veronika previously worked for eight years at TV Nova and CME, followed by a stint at Carrier Commercial Refrigeration.

Veronika is playing a key role in Techloop’s planned rapid growth from a small Czech start-up into an international firm of more than 100 people over the next 12 months. At the same time, she is responsible for maintaining the unique start-up atmosphere within the company.

The Techloop team has also been newly expanded with the addition of product manager Adam Leitmančík, who previously worked in the same position at LMC (Jobs.cz and Prace.cz), where he was responsible for the launch of a new mobile application.

At Techloop, Adam will focus particularly on simplifying the job-search process for users and accelerating the recruitment of IT professionals for companies. His goal is to make Techloop the number-one firm for recruiting IT specialists on the European market. He is also in charge of launching numerous new Techloop functionalities over the next several months, as well as general product improvement.