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December 13, 2017,

Chytrý Honza enters a new phase and reinforces its management

Chytrý Honza enters a new phase and reinforces its management

Chytrý Honza will be following up on its excellent results this year and, with the New Year, will enter a new phase. With its planned entry into new markets, Chytrý Honza is expanding its management with experienced executives and will solidify its position as the fastest growing broker on the market. In the new era, the company will be led by Nicolas Eich, who has experience from the top French brokerage, Meilleurtaux.com.

Thanks not only to its unique model, over the past seven years Chytrý Honza has become the most prominent firm on the Czech financial market. The company now intends to focus on solidifying its position on the domestic market and to take active steps toward entering other markets. Chytrý Honza’s new CEO, Nicolas Eich, who has been with the company since this autumn, is taking charge of these activities. Prior to joining Chytrý Honza, Mr. Eich worked as the Head of Business Development for and was a member of the board of directors of the top French financial brokerage, Meilleurtaux.com. “At a moment when financial services are harmonizing accross the EU, it is an honour for me to use my international experience in the area of financial services in the management of Chytrý Honza, one of the most dynamic companies to emerge in this field in Central Europe,” says Nicolas Eich.

Nicolas Eich is taking over the role of CEO from Jiří Paták, the co-founder of Chytrý Honza. “I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to build up Chytrý Honza to its current size and market share, and am glad that we have found a professional manager in Nicolas Eich, to whom I am leaving the company in great condition,” says Jiří Paták, who will remain a minority shareholder in the company.

The company’s other shareholders are the Rockaway Capital investment group and the Dutch financial group Aegon. “We are convinced that Chytrý Honza has the potential to become a leading platform for brokering financial products. Rockaway will continue to support it with strong expertise in the digital environment,” adds Andrea Lauren, Rockaway Capital’s investment partner responsible for the group’s financial sector. “A key aspect for Chytrý Honza’s development is its unique multichannel distribution model, which best accommodates the needs of a modern financial market,” analyses Gjis Jeuken, executive director of Aegon Continental Europe.