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November 2, 2017,

Rockaway Academy: The first interns share their views

Rockaway Academy: The first interns share their views

The first group of interns spent the summer on the Rockaway team. Over the course of a few months, they had the opportunity to get hands-on experience with projects across the entire portfolio and to have a look under the lid of the whole internet investment group. What were their impressions at the end of their internships?

“When I come into a firm that is doing such great things, I soon find out just how much I don’t know. I am surprised by the level of detail at which you have to work in order to understand how the business operates. It occurs to you that you still have a lot to learn and that motivates you – you just need to jump in and get going. You have to get your hands dirty, because otherwise you won’t get anything out of it. You would definitely do it again.”
Albert Krištof, University of Economics, Prague

“I expected a strict environment and emphasis on performance, but I discovered something completely different. I found a firm without pretensions; it is very friendly, which makes it unique. You get to experience various things. I worked with perhaps absolutely everyone from travel to finance. I learned so much that I have the impression that this internship was invaluable.”
Michaela Kulíšková, University of Economics, Prague & Charles University in Prague

“I definitely got what I expected, and actually much more. The most important thing I learned was to find the courage to do things on my own. Not to wait for someone to assign me something or suggest something to me, but to simply set my own task and find a way to bring it to a successful conclusion. Don’t expect anyone to lead you by the hand.”
Jakub Losenický, Stockholm School of Economics & Charles University in Prague

“I would definitely do the internship again, especially because of the people I got to know here. Furthermore, I was frequently in personal contact with the top management and practiced a lot of things on major projects, which was perhaps the greatest added value that I could get. This was not my first internship, but it was definitely the most open, personal and amiable.”
Anh Hoang, University of Economics, Prague

Have a look at the video or the photos.

Rockaway Academy (2017)

Onboarding Week & Trainees Opinions

The internship programme now runs continuously. We are seeking students from top universities in the region for the Rockaway team. More information is available at academy.rockawaycapital.com