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March 15, 2017,

Rockaway is opening up to students and launching its first internship programme

Rockaway is opening up to students and launching its first internship programme

Rockaway, Jakub Havrlant’s investment group, will for the first time since its inception run official internship programme for students. They will spend summer at Rockaway, participating on projects in different portfolio companies and on fun non-work related activities.

“We have been playing around with the idea of having students experience what’s going on behind closed doors at Rockaway for some time, and now we are confident that we have reached a stage where we can truly dedicate time and resource to them. We want for both parties to benefit from the internship, with the aim of maximizing hands-on experience and practical skill building by students,” says Robert Chmelař, Deputy CEO and Investment Partner about Rockaway Academy, new internship programme.

The summer internship will offer a combination of working experience, social events and professional mentoring: “Before the students jump into actual project, they can expect intro week during which they will experience daily operations of our companies. Besides, they will participate in numerous firm activities, including CEO Day,” says Eva Krausová, HR 2.0 and quickly adds: “I think that compared to other similar internships, students have unique opportunity to experience first-handed, the extremely fast-paced environment of internet businesses and enjoy very laid back atmosphere at the same time. In addition, it is an opportunity for us to discuss further cooperation.”

Registration for Rockaway Academy was launched this week and students can sign-up until April 15. The internship shall last between 10-12 weeks and Rockaway will accept 2-3 candidates with the best fit. Detailed information about how to register can be found on academy.rockawaycapital.com