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July 15, 2016,



It is a hot Wednesday afternoon and the management teams of dozens of Rockaway portfolio companies are gathering on Dětský island in Prague. They are going to spend several hours exchanging experience and opinions, looking back at past six months, and talking about plans for the future.

“It was a very demanding and fast period when we were focused mainly on building a strong portfolio in an extremely short time. We were under immense pressure, and I would like to thank all those who managed to deal with it. From now on, we will have to confirm that we took steps in the right direction,” Jakub Havrlant said.

CEO´s Day was held in Prague for the third time. All the people from the management of our portfolio companies as well as all Rockaway team met there. “At some point, it  looked almost unrealistic to organize such an event when you consider the hot pace of work in Rockaway. In the end, it turned out that we also need an opportunity to slow down. The final party with friends and partners just  completed the great impression from the event,” said Michaela Papežová, PR manager of Rockaway.

Atmosphere of afternoon program depicted in photos and video:

CEO’s Day – 22. 6. 2016

Minulý týden jsme se po nějaké době opět sešli úplně všichni: Jakub, tým Rockaway, a všichni CEO’s. Jedno příjemné odpoledne jsme strávili výměnou zkušeností, názorů a plánů. Děje se kolem nás spousta věcí, a tady jsme na chvíli zastavili. Last week we all met again after some time: Jakub, Rockaway team, and our CEO’s.

Our fantasies have been overcome

Robert Chmelař, the Investment Partner, who will be also the Deputy CEO, summarized current situation in Rockaway team, and defined responsibilities, plans and visions. He also summed up his own impression: ” I came to Rockaway with the feeling that I would jump into a team with big vision and a lot of energy. Moreover, I soon found out that they do not deal with politics and relations; they all care about the result. They apply “no bullshit” approach. As a result, my fantasies have been considerably overcome, ” Chmelař said.

ceoday 22.6.2016

We are proud of our start-ups

Rockaway Ventures took up a considerable part of the afternoon program. ” Start-ups are a big thing for us – there are a lot of them and there is a lot going on around them. Just have a look at recent success – e.g. Dreadlocks have been twice successful on Kickstarter and SQLdep is just finishing a new version of its product which is tailored directly for software developers. Our start-ups are doing great and we are very proud of them, said Viktor Fischer, who is in charge of Rockaway Ventures.

ceoday 22.6.2016

Place for self-reflection and exchange of experience

Dušan Zábrodský summarized current situation of the projects from e-commerce division and outlined next steps for this part of portfolio. Jiří Paták, CEO of Chytry Honza, described his fresh experience from the negotiations about Aegon´s entrance into the project.

In the afternoon, we also introduced new faces in our portfolio – namely Tomáš Braverman, CEO of Heureka, Pavel Tomek from Internet real estate market Bezrealitky.cz, and Michal Drozd from Invia.cz, the biggest online seller of package holidays in the Czech Republic.

There was also some place for self-reflection: “It is natural that mishaps do happen and will happen from time to time, but it is important to admit them and learn from them. And we have managed to do it,” says Viktor Kustein, HR 2.0.

After work some fun

The evening part of the program was informal. The after party called “Rockaway live” was attended by many friends and colleagues of CEO´s and Rockaway team members. Once again, we would like to thank all of them for their support.

Atmosphere depicted in photos and video:

Rockaway naživo – 22. 6. 2016

Občas je skvělé setkat se neformálně. A když se celý náš tým potká s našimi přáteli, atmosféra je vždy nepřekonatelná. Děkujeme! Sometimes it’s great to meet informally. And when our entire team meets with our friends, the atmosphere is always unbeatable. Thank you!