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Investment Associate – Blockchain

We are looking for a self-contained Investment Associate for the Rockaway Blockchain division of Rockaway Capital.


· Strong in analysis

· Experience and passion in crypto-assets (e.g. investing, mining, trading)

· Computer science degree from reputable university

· Overview of best practices in architectural design of distributed systems

· Curiosity-driven, focused on fundamentals, willing to understand underlying complexity, not searching for easy way out

· Understanding of basic economics principles behind investing

· Familiarity with venture capital investment vehicles is a plus (equity, token models)

· Experience in entrepreneurship is a plus, alternatively experience in building a business

· English fluent business proficiency, Chinese or Korean is a plus


· Analyse underlying technology and explain impact on product design. Asses disruptive potential of such a technology on existing businesses.

· Actively source new deals coherent with the investment strategy. Independently interact with founders to evaluate the investment potential and fit.

· Prepare investment committee-ready documents for decision making purposes (i.e. analysis of team, product, competitive landscape, technology, value proposition, go-to-market strategy, exit strategies, and full DD process oversight)

· Track and improve current Rockaway Blockchain portfolio (i.e. build valuation models, attend investor meetings, define deep-dives where to help, connect with partners)

· Positively propagate Rockaway brand within the region (e.g. actively provide value and content

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