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Petr Mahdal
Rockaway, Rockaway capital team

Petr Mahdal

Executive Leader, Technologist & Advisor

Petr has been part of the Rockaway story since the very beginning, when he was enticed by Jakub Havrlant’s vision, for which he left AVG Technologies, where he’d been for seven years. He specializes in technologies, product development, IT and project/programme management, both directly for Rockaway and for its portfolio companies and projects. His most recent mission involved three years with the Košík.cz on-line supermarket, where he was in charge of R&D and IT, including product development. At the beginning of 2021 he rejoined the Rockaway team.

In the past Petr worked for Sunnysoft, a Czech company developing products and software for the precursors of today’s smartphones, and then for AVG, which he took to the New York Stock Exchange and participated in the acquisition of US and Israeli companies.