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What are cookie files?

Cookies are files stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet when your browser navigates through our web pages. They are needed to remember information about the user, and we apply them to improve your user environment, communication of the web with your device, and to make the visit of our website simpler and faster.

Cookies gather information such as your IP address, operational system, language preferences, information about your activity on the website, or time and date of your visit on the website. These are not data which could be used for your direct identification. The data gathered in this way help to simplify further logins, optimize the web page setup, analyze your searched preferences or monitor the website visits. Cookie files are used only with your consent.

What cookies do we use?

On our web we use two types of cookies: short-term (session) which are stored only when you visit the web page, and long-term (persistent) which can be stored in your computer even after you leave the web page. They can be stored maximally two years after your visit.

Cookie files can be also divided according to their function to necessary ones – without them the website cannot work properly (e.g. the user is logged in all the time he is browsing); analytical ones – focused on how the web is used by the user; functional ones – thanks to them the information about your setting and preferences is stored; and targeted – they adjust content of the page according to your preferences.

How to customize cookies setting?

Standard web browsers automatically allow using cookies. However, you can change cookies setting directly in your web browser. You can disable them, delete them or enable only certain types of files. Detailed information can be found in your web browser settings. Be careful: When you disable cookies, you can also lose some functions offered by the web page.

Should you have further questions concerning cookie files or the guidelines, feel free to ask.