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News written by Natalia Masiarová

September 29, 2022 ,

Top news: ROCKAWAY INSIDER with Lukáš Janoušek (CEO Campiri)

The successful founder of tech companies joined forces with Rockaway thanks to his on-line camper van sharing platform. When he’s talking about his business, one thing is immediately clear: Campiri CEO Lukáš Janoušek doesn’t think up projects just to make a profit, but above all so they make people happy and make real sense. “And so they make the world at least a bit better place,” he says in his interview for Rockaway Insider.

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Marek Šandrik: To be a bridge between the idea and the founder

“I’m basically a circus principal,” laughs Marek Šandrik as he thinks about how he would describe, as specifically as possible, exactly what he does at the Rockaway Blockchain Fund. And he’s really not even exaggerating, because in his eponymous position he really does play the role of a tamer – not of beasts, mind you, but in the very least of investment processes, and he also keeps the entire investment team organized. „I keep it all somehow together,“ he says, by now quite automatically in English. One can see that not only Marek’s British education, but above all his constant contact with founders from around the world, have left and continue to leave a mark on him – and definitely in the best sense of the word.

ROCKAWAY INSIDER with Radka Urbancová (Head of Communications, KVIFF Group)

She started as a copywriter and SEO specialist, and for a long time she worked in PR and marketing at Aerofilms. In December last year, a majority stake in this well-known distribution company was acquired by the KVIFF Group – where Radka Urbancová now holds the position of Head of Communications. In her own words, she had always had her sights on culture, though film and PR as such were the result of chance more than anything else. And though she admits that sometimes you have to react to stressful situations like a robot, she always puts her entire heart into her work.

ROCKAWAY INSIDER with Uljana Donátová (PR Manager, KVIFF Group)

It would be hard to find a bigger expert on film and cultural PR than writer, dramaturge, scriptwriter, and above all PR manager and spokesperson of the Karlovy Vary MFF, Uljana Donátová. Her name has been linked with the festival for over twenty years now, and so there are really very few situations she hasn’t experienced. And each year she looks forward to the festival as much as she did at the start of her career. Except – as she admits – she’s much more sure of herself now.

ROCKAWAY INSIDER with Petr Mahdal (Executive Leader, Technologist & Advisor)

Petr has been a permanent fixture at Rockaway and part of the company’s story from the very beginning, when Jakub Havrlant’s and Dušan Zábrodský’s vision enticed him away from AVG Technologies, where he’d spent almost eight years. He specializes in technologies, product development, IT and project/programme management, both directly for Rockaway and for its portfolio companies and projects. His most recent mission involved three years with the Košík.cz on-line supermarket, where he was in charge of R&D and IT, including product development, and prior to that three years in a similar role in the Mall Group. In May of last year, he returned to the Rockaway team and is the right person for the job – natural leadership, mentoring, and interpersonal communication are alpha and omega to him, both at work and in the context of personal development.

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