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February 8, 2022,

KKCG and Rockaway form new Mind2Flo consulting group focus-ing on media, technology and marketing. Group founded by CEO Jan Galgonek

KKCG and Rockaway form new Mind2Flo consulting group focus-ing on media, technology and marketing. Group founded by CEO Jan Galgonek

New consulting group Mind2Flo, founded by Jan Galgonek in conjunction with Karel Komárek’s KKCG and Jakub Havrlant’s Rockaway Capital investment groups, is en-tering the Czech market. Mind2Flo combines expertise in media, content, technology and e-commerce. The group consists of two separate divisions in media and technology. The media division is controlled by the KKCG investment group under the Mind-squared brand. Rockaway Capital holds a majority stake in Flo, the technology divi-sion. The group will be under the leadership of a team led by founder and CEO Jan Galgonek.

The agreement includes the merger of several existing companies. Digital agency MediaSentics has merged with media agency MMC from the KKCG group under a new brand, Mindsquared. This brand is wholly owned by KKCG. “This strategic combination of marketing and technol-ogy services means a significant strengthening of our position in this segment. Our goal is to make Mind2Flo a strong group which, thanks to its unique know-how and capabilities in both areas, will become a strong international player in the field,” says Karel Komárek, founder of the KKCG investment group.

Flo’s technology division will be formed through a merger of data consulting agency Base Consulting, specialized branding agency Newsjacking, and e-commerce development company NetDirect, in which Rockaway Capital purchased a one hundred percent stake from its previous shareholders earlier this year. Rockaway holds a majority stake in the technology division, with Jan Galgonek holding a minority stake. “Rockaway Capital’s long-term goal is to digitalize traditional industries, including the media. Our participation in the Mind2Flo group made perfect sense from the beginning. I am convinced that the inclusion of NetDirect in the Flo technology division also creates a unique combination of media and technological expertise in the field of consulting services, which has so far been lacking in the regional market,” says Jakub Havrlant, founder and CEO of Rockaway Capital.

The goal of the strategic merger is to create the basis for a new type of consulting group that will offer all key marketing and technology services comprehensively under one roof. “I con-sider it a great advantage that we were able to calibrate Mind2Flo exactly to the current needs of the market. Today’s business world is interconnected, and the division of roles that is stand-ard on the market has survived that,” explains founder and CEO Jan Galgonek. “Our ap-proach is different in that we help clients set up a basic customer strategy across departments. In this way we project the principles of the customer experience into our clients’ overall busi-ness, from internal processes to communication with the customer.”

Overall, Mind2Flo brings together more than 150 media, data, marketing and technology spe-cialists. Its team of experienced managers will be tasked with building a strong consulting and sales team, uniting and strengthening the company’s service portfolio, and preparing the group for international expansion. “Thanks to Rockaway and KKCG we have gained the capital and vast know-how to build a strong international group. We have the ambition to compete with the biggest players in the fields of media and technology,” adds Galgonek.

About Mindsquared
Mindsquared is a media agency with a strong emphasis on strategic planning, client service and the use of data in marketing. The agency’s team combines extensive experience from the start-up world and from global media agencies. Its key clients include brands from the KKCG group.

About Flo
Flo is a consulting agency focusing on customer experience. To do this, it utilizes the business of experience concept, which aims to permeate the customer experience as a key principle in all business processes. Flo offers services in management consulting, marketing automation, e-commerce, data and branding. Its clients include Avon, Komerční banka, Mall.cz, Groupe SEB, UPB and Czech News Center.