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November 24, 2021,

Invia Group plans to allow payment in cryptocurrencies

Invia Group plans to allow payment in cryptocurrencies

The travel agency Invia Group, which operates in seven European countries, plans to allow payment for tours and tourist packages by selected cryptocurrencies, led by the most widespread bitcoin. It is part of a broader initiative in which Invia Group is looking for a way to meet the needs of its clients while taking advantage of blockchain technology.

“The generation Z and Alfa will be looking for new ways to pay for travel and holidays. These people already use cryptocurrencies, and since travel is an area that usually accounts for a large proportion of young people’s expenses, we want to meet their needs as much as possible. As a leader in the travel business we believe that the crypto and blockchain hold a big potential for the future of the whole industry, ” says Boris Raoul, CEO of Invia Group and adds that Invia plans to launch the new service in early 2022.

It is a logical step in a world where it is estimated that there are already over 100 million crypto-currency holders, and the adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been accelerating in recent months. It has been also taken seriously by many players in the travel industry.

Therefore, Invia Group is also intensively negotiating with its other partners to create a broader ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It also wants to use the expertise of the Rockaway Blockchain Fund, the largest European fund focused on blockchain and DeFi (decentralized fi-nance), which belongs to the portfolio of Rockaway Capital, one of the two shareholders of the Invia Group.