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January 19, 2021,

Euromedia Group to be headed by new CEO František Mala, who will move the book group toward greater digitalization

Euromedia Group to be headed by new CEO František Mala, who will move the book group toward greater digitalization

Euromedia Group, the largest player on the Czech book market and owner of the Luxor bookstore chain, is getting ready to change its CEO. The new CEO, František Mala, who has spent many years in the telecom business, where he worked for subsidiaries of Deutsche Telekom in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania, is arriving to help with further growth and digitalization.

The current CEO of Euromedia Group, Lukáš Novák, decided to resign at the end of January 2021 to fully devote himself to his own business activities. “During the relatively short period of time since I took the position in 2017, we succeeded in building the largest player in the Czech book market, with a strong position in the publishing, wholesale, and retail segments,” says Lukáš Novák.

His successor František Mala will start on February 1. He brings extensive experience from the telecom sector in the areas of finance, marketing, sales, and customer services, in which he worked over the last twenty years at T-Mobile Slovakia, T-Mobile Czech Republic, and Telekom Romania. “Switching to the book business is a great challenge for me, one that I’m looking forward to. But both worlds have one thing in common, which is customer care, which is a priority for me. From the telecom world I’m also used to emphasis on innovation, which I would also like to take with me to my new role,” says František Mala.

The Euromedia Group has had a hectic year, during which its business was significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in the closure of the Luxor chain of brick-and-mortar shops, and Covid-19 also affected the activities of publishers and other brands in the Euromedia Group.

About the Euromedia Group
The Euromedia Group is a leading player on the Czech book market. It owns publishing brands like Knižní Klub, Ikar, or Universum, its portfolio includes the Luxor bookstore chain, and it also owns the largest wholesale book business in the Czech Republic, which supplies booksellers, bookstore chains, internet shops, and hypermarkets with products from primarily domestic publishers. The Euromedia Group is owned by Jakub Haverlant’s Rockaway Capital investment group and by Czech Media Invest, owned by businessmen Daniel Křetínský and Patrik Tkáč.