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July 11, 2019,

Rockaway to sell its share in SQLdep to Collibra, the global leader in data intelligence

Rockaway to sell its share in SQLdep to Collibra, the global leader in data intelligence

SQLdep, a globally unique solution for automated visual analysis of data flows (i.e. data lineage) is changing owners. Founders Martin Masařík and Miroslav Šemora as well as the investment group Rockaway are selling their shares in the firm to the Belgian company Collibra, the global market leader in data intelligence.

“Collibra is a natural partner for SQLdep. We’re looking forward to working together to help users extract value from their data, make better decisions, and drive forward innovation,” says Martin Masařík, cofounder of SQLdep, who will, together with the firm’s entire team, join the Collibra team.

The idea for the SQLdep product was conceived when the company’s cofounder and CEO Martin Masařík encountered the inefficiency associated with the mapping of data flows in SQL databases. The vision for SQLdep was to develop a cloud service that can map and visualise data flows across databases and provide an end-to-end data lineage solution. SQLdep reduces developers’ workload and companies’ costs, while helping data analysts achieve higher-quality data administration, documentation and overall governance. TechCrunch magazine named SQLdep the most interesting Czech project at PragueCrunch 2015.

Founded in Belgium in 2008, Collibra empowers all data citizens to unlock the value of data and achieve data intelligence. Backed by major investors including CapitalG, ICONIQ Capital, Index Ventures, Dawn Capital, and Battery Ventures, the company recently surpassed $1 billion in valuation. The acquisition of SQLdep is Collibra’s first and will provide automated technical lineage functionality that will enhance Collibra’s platform.

“Organizations are challenged with managing thousands of data sets scattered across the enterprise, both on-premise and in the cloud,” said Jim Cushman, Chief Product Officer for Collibra. “With this volume of data, understanding data lineage is a critical first step in the data intelligence journey, and our acquisition of SQLdep will help organizations build trust in, and unlock the value of, their data.”

This is Rockaway’s second successful exit from its ventures division since the beginning of this year. Rockaway made its initial investment in SQLdep in 2015.

“We appreciate that Martin and the whole team of SQLdep have been a bit ahead of their time with their idea, as the market for their vision and product reached an adequate size relatively recently. The volume of data is growing exponentially and with new regulations such as the GDPR, it is increasingly necessary to properly manage data in firms of all sizes. Visualisation of data flows and the interconnectedness of databases is a very useful tool in that regard. We are therefore pleased that we had trust in the team as well as the appropriate patience for the business momentum and we can now congratulate each other on an outstanding exit,” says Martin Konop of Rockaway.