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February 21, 2019,

Rockaway Blockchain invests in high-performance blockchain TOP Network

Rockaway Blockchain invests in high-performance blockchain TOP Network

Rockway Blockchain made an investment into TOP Network, a blockchain with a powerful array of service-level infrastructures, including one of the world’s first decentralized cloud communication networks.

TOP Network is a blockchain project with 50 million potential users, as existing communication apps Dingtone, CoverMe and SkyVPN are planned to be migrated to the TOP decentralized networking platform upon its launch. The network provides its users with high degree of privacy and trustlessness – no central authority controls the data, and no one can shut down the service. Users also have monetization opportunity and a chance to build and deploy their own communication solutions on the network’s development platform.

“There are three reasons we have invested in TOP: clear value proposition, justifiable valuation and rockstar team,” comments Viktor Fischer, managing partner of Rockaway Blockchain. TOP Network has experienced team with a tangible track record in building communication-based businesses.

The TOP Network CEO Steve Wei commented: “As a prestigious institutional investor, Rockaway Blockchain has plenty of resources in Europe. Rockaway will give TOP a leg up in Europe in developer community buildup, fundraising, PR and marketing.”

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