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January 30, 2015,

Fundlift: new equity crowdfunding platform

Fundlift: new equity crowdfunding platform

Investment group Rockaway and financial group Roklen will launch a platform called Fundlift.cz. It will be the first Czech representative in equity crowdfunding.

“It is a form of investment which is very popular in the whole world. It offers a new innovative way to gain finance as well as a valuable marketing channel for promising projects and companies. It is neither a present nor subscription, but real investment. For investors, it provides a way to support companies at their start, and at the same time to increase the value of their money, ” says Andrea Lauren, Managing Director of Roklen Group.

Launch of the platform Fundlift.cz is planned for spring 2015. Before that, there will be the selection of projects and companies which will use the platform to offer the chance to get support for their business purpose and invest into them.

“In the first phase we want to start with projects from the sphere of Internet and new technologies, because it is the sphere where we do the business and we are able to select projects which have a chance to succeed. Moreover, it is the field where we, as the Czech Republic, are able to be competitive at a global level, ” says Jakub Havrlant, founder of Rockaway Group. In the next phase, also companies from other spheres will get the chance.

The phenomenon of crowdfunding is not completely unknown for Czech business community. Last year, projects of Czech makers managed to get 70 million CZK in this way. One of the most successful was Warhorse Studios from Brno who was given more than a million pounds from 35 000 donors via the global platform KickStarter. Several platforms for crowdfunding have been founded also on Czech market, however, Fundlift.cz is the first possibility to invest directly into chosen companies.

Fundlift.cz brings a modern and available way of investing on Czech market. Equity crowdfunding is the only type of crowdfunding where a minor as well as a professional investor gain direct business share, stocks or other securities of the company they finance. The investor is therefore not deprived of significant prospective profit. The whole process is a regulated activity on capital markets. The investments will be carried out directly via Roklen, the stock trader, and the whole process will be regulated by the Czech National Bank.