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December 1, 2014,

E-shops Vivantis Have Gained Partner for Further Development: E-commerce Holding

E-shops Vivantis Have Gained Partner for Further Development: E-commerce Holding

Vivantis has gained a new partner – E-commerce Holding, co-owned by Jakub Havrlant’s Rockaway Group and Daniel Křetínský’s and Patrik Tkáč’s Czech Media Invest. The company will continue to be managed by Martin Rozhoň. E-commerce Holding is going to actively participate in running the company.

During its 13 years long history, the company has been several times, especially recently, given the offer to be bought or to accept a new partnership. Finally, it has decided to accept such an offer: “We have had very high requirements for our potential partner; we have wanted him to bring new opportunities for growth, synergy and support for our plan to enter foreign markets. We have found the combination of all above mentioned in E-commerce Holding. I believe, we will manage to reach the set goals and get Vivantis into another stage,“ says Martin Rozhoň, CEO of Vivantis, who will continue managing the company. 

E-commerce Holding, co-owned by Jakub Havrlant’s Rockaway Group and Daniel Křetínský’s and Patrik Tkáč’s Czech Media Invest, can see the main assets in two areas: “Firstly, it is a great opportunity to enlarge our portfolio with e-shops of life-style segment. At the same time, I am convinced that we have the team and know-how which can strengthen the position of Vivantis,” says Jan Jírovec, CEO of Commerce Holding, who is also the COO of Rockaway Group and who becomes the new member of the board of directors of Vivantis.

The common aim of new partners is to get to number one position in the segment of fashion/lifestyle. “Most importantly, we want to increase the efficiency of our key activities and expand to Slovakia and other countries,” Martin Rozhoň says. And the higher efficiency shall be the outcome of the partnership with E-commerce Holding. “We share our key activities for the e-shops in our portfolio which significantly increases the efficiency. The cooperation with Vivantis will look the same,” explains Jan Jírovec, E-commerce Holding.

 The turnover of Vivantis which runs specialized e-shops Krasa.cz, Parfemy.cz, Prozdravi.cz, Hodinky.cz, Sperky.cz a Modnidoplnky.cz reached almost half a billion CZK last year. Thanks to that, Vivantis belongs to TOP 10 players in Czech e-commerce. In October, Vivantis expanded to Slovak market where it offers 40 000 products within one e-shop – Vivantis.sk.

E-commerce Holding is a network of specialized e-shops which has more than 1.5 million customers. Internet shops Sporty.cz a Snowboards.cz selling sports equipment have recently been supplemented with shopping club BigBrands.cz and e-shop with children’s goods Proděti.cz. E-commerce Holding has also announced the plan to enter online grocery sale. This kind of project shall be launched next year.