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3. 8. 2021, Marianna Zapotilová

Top news: The Rockaway Blockchain Fund is making massive investments thanks to the market decline, and has made 12 investments in just the last two months

The Rockaway Blockchain Fund, the largest VC fund focused on blockchain and DeFi in Europe, with a $100 million dollar target, has taken advantage of the situation on the crypto market and is making massive investments. While in April, when the market was at its peak, the team led by fund founder Viktor Fischer made no investments, over the past two months it has invested in a total of 12 projects. One of these is the Figure start-up, which focuses on loans via blockchain.

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New Rockaway and Ackee joint project to focus on blockchain security

Ackee Blockchain is a new company that wants to make Prague a key global player in the field of blockchain. This ambition is supported by the Ackee development agency and the largest VC investment fund in Europe focusing on digital assets, the Rockaway Blockchain Fund, which aside from exclusive contacts is also providing the company an initial investment of CZK 14 million, giving it an initial valuation of CZK 35 million.

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