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RockawayX, one of the largest groups in Europe focusing on blockchain technology and digital assets, in cooperation with AMISTA, an investment company that is part of the J&T Group, is establishing a second open-end fund that will make it possible for an even larger circle of investors to invest into the world of financial services of the future. The mutual fund aims to achieve growth through investment in Rockaway Blockchain Fund II, L.P., abbreviated RBF II. RBF II is a foreign fund focusing on investment in blockchain technology and related assets.

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Radek Horák and Adam Bilko: “In 10 years, blockchain will be commonplace”

One is the CFO of RockawayX VC Fund, the other an asset manager at RockawayX Credit Fund. And both admit that they find their work truly fulfilling – they believe that in just a few years blockchain will break its – after all, still persistent – reputation as a mysterious technology for insiders, and many services on it will be used by the public and lay people quite naturally. Their ordinary day? Basically nonexistent. The world of blockchain is so diverse and varied that there is no time for routine. Read Radek Horák and Adam Bilko’s take on the world of digital assets in the new issue of Insider:

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Robert Chmelař and František Mala: “Books are a beautiful business!”

Euromedia and Rockaway – names that have belonged together for seven years now. This connection is a proof that a traditional and beautiful object like a book and the digital know-how of an investment company can complement each other perfectly. After all, as investment partner Robert Chmelař says, there are types of businesses that can be controversial in various ways for various people. But books? Nobody can have anything against books! This time, the new Insider brings an interview with both Robert and the head of the Euromedia Group, František Mala.

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Jiřina Ekrt Jirušková z Invia: „If you want your dream job, don’t be afraid to ask for it!”

She’s no rookie when it comes to public relations, on the contrary. Jiřina Ekrt Jirušková has a wealth of experience from several PR agencies, where she dealt with clients in the area of lifestyle or gastronomy, for example, but for the last year and a half her heart has belonged to travel – which she not only does with a passion, but above all as Invia’s spokesperson and PR manager, promotes it just as enthusiastically. After all, her dream job (aside from being a theatre director) is to have her own travel agency..

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Adam Chudárek, Rockaway Arts: “Perseverance and good luck with the right people are the key success ingredients for me”

From film acquisition at AQS, to digital transformation at Czech News Center, to project management for Rockaway Arts. One thing is certain – Adam Chudárek’s professional trajectory is based on a balanced combination of perseverance, hard skills and an empathetic approach. In the interview, he also reveals how he applies the strategy of breaking problems into smaller parts, what is his favourite way to balance a high workload, and which sports field has been his biggest inspiration since childhood.

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CFO Invia Group Sergej Manthey: “Don’t let failures get you down – they happen to everyone!”

He has been working for the Invia Group for quite a few years, for the last year and a half he has been the CFO of the entire Group – and until recently he was also the CFO of the online supermarket Bringmeister. What for some might be a frantic business ride between data, numbers and projects, where you still have to manage the whole team, for Sergej it is mainly a question of staying motivated, trusting in the capable people around him and also finding a balance thanks to a rich life outside work. After all, Sergej says that an alternative to a career in senior management could easily be a good old carpentry craft… !

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