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We provide excellent know-how, experience, and professional background. We respect and trust each other. We disregard borders.

We are the next generation of entrepreneurs

Rockaway Capital is a global company focused on tiered investing and building Internet businesses with the ambition to succeed in expanding markets not only in Central Europe and beyond. We are building companies, and we believe in innovations and technologies.

With everything we do, we create some added value. We help companies to shine on a worldwide scale. We have shifted private equity funding into the 21st century – our approach far exceeds the range of common investment services. We are businesspeople of a new generation.

Business is our approach

We do only things which make sense for us

Although we mostly invest, we are still rather businesspeople, and our ambition is to be a part of our companies’ success. Every day we deal with practical issues and their execution. We search for potential, which we make professional, efficient and valuable – our slogan is “Business First”.

We create a community of businesses based on a similar foundation. We believe that money is not everything. Every day, we gain experience from different areas and use it across our portfolio in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

We are just people, so we also fail from time to time – however, nothing compares to the fast pace of our learning process in Rockaway. Sharing proven procedures is, in our opinion, the only way to global success.

We disregard borders

We do not believe in limits. Today, there are over thirty projects and more than 2500 people working on them; they develop companies in more than sixty countries on three continents.

For us, the key is a happy customer. That is why we look ahead, and keep on searching for new ways to move forward.

We are searching for everyone who (just like us) feels like working hard, and aspires to create big things that will withstand the competition – and while working hard, he will also have quite a good time.

Our pace is not for everyone – we keep on going faster and faster. At Rockaway, it will take you months to try out things you would be learning years somewhere else.


Things develop organically

Our ability to be extremely productive arises from excellent people with business thinking that we managed to attract. Once we find a new activity that makes sense we go into it fast and fully. We are able to make very fast decisions and when we see that “this is not the way” we do not hesitate to change the direction.
This is definitely extremely demanding for people who need stability. On the other hand, it is very attractive for people who love risk, who are willing to try out new things and procedures, and who are not afraid to choose ways that seem more complicated, but bring better profit.
We know how to make connections. In 2015, software developers from our portfolio companies started to feel the need to exchange experience and learn from each other. This resulted in the foundation of ROCdevs – an informal group of people who meet regularly in our movie theatre and help each other. Together we organize hackathons, and fully use the potential that is under our roof.

People are not just “resources” for us – that is why we build HR 2.0

We left the term “Human Resources” and build “Human Relations” instead. In Kavčí Hory, there are thirty different corporate cultures. The office of boys who develop games is right next to the office of financial experts in suits. We do our best to comply with their wishes, and moreover, we make synergies among them.

Software developers – in many companies they are considered to be mere workers with the most expensive shovel, and nobody really cares about them. We do not want to belong among such companies. We believe that everyone has the right place to be. To get the best of them may require a lot of effort, but it always pays off. We see the essence of modern HR in the ability to support human potential and its uniqueness.

We want to be signed under Internet companies of the future. Will you help us to do that?