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September 16, 2020,

Heureka has concluded its first startup acquisition in the Czech Republic by investing in Testuj.to

Heureka has concluded its first startup acquisition in the Czech Republic by investing in Testuj.to

Heureka Group a.s., the operator of the Heureka.cz comparison shopping site, has purchased a share of Testuj.to s.r.o., which has developed and successfully established the Testuj.to marketing tool on the Czech market. Testuj.to is a simple software tool that works actively with customer communities and makes it possible to obtain quick and accurate feedback in the form of reviews. After two years of the project’s existence, Heureka is purchasing 15 % of the project with the option to increase this share to 40 % within two years. Heureka invested in the company when its valuation was CZK 35 million.

“Reviews and ratings are one of our key services. Our review database is by far the largest on both the Czech and the European market. Joining forces with such a partner therefore made sense to us. We will gain a new source of high-quality reviews, and our partners will also gain new opportunities for cooperation through access to a system that facilitates contact with a community of testers,” says Tomáš Braverman, CEO of Heureka Group, and continues: “Growth by joining forces with other interesting companies is part of our long-term plan. We’re in a situation where we have an appetite for buying, and so we’re looking around to see what’s on the market.”

Eva Čejková, the founder of Testuj.to, now becomes Chief Executive Officer of the Testuj.to project, and adds the following with respect to the new connection between Heureka and Testuj.to: “We developed the Testuj.to software based on our prior experience with the ŽENY s.r.o. community. Five years on, we had a clear vision of how to simplify and automate the product testing process and obtain verified and objective reviews. After we entered the market and reached out to business partners, we were pleasantly surprised to find out how much interest Testuj.to had garnered. As the volume of data grew, we started looking for a strategic partner who could facilitate the further development of Testuj.to. Heureka will primarily allow us to undertake further technical development as well as expansion to European markets.”

Every year, more than 4.5 million new reviews and ratings appear on Heureka. Thanks to this investment, Heureka can offer its customers even more product reviews within a much broader portfolio of communities such as fishermen, nurses, businesswomen, hobbyists, or seniors.

About the Heureka Group
The Heureka Group is Europe’s largest price comparison website and on line shopping advisor. Aside from the Czech and Slovak Heureka, Europe’s largest price comparison platform also includes Árukereső.hu in Hungary, Compari.ro in Romania, Pazaruvaj.com in Bulgaria, Ceneje.si in Slovenia, Jeftinije.hr in Croatia, Idealno.rs in Serbia and Idealno.ba in Bosnia. Every month, the Heureka Group’s websites receive over 20 million visitors who see products in a network of more than 55,000 on line stores. The Heureka Group’s key mission is to is to connect e-shops and brands with customers. Its main objective is to help e-shops, brands, and other partners reach out to users across the region, giving them maximum support in every respect. The Heureka Group is building integrated content and the largest product catalogue on the European e-commerce market.

About Testuj.to
The Testuj.to service is a marketing tool for brands or e-shops who want to actively engage with their customer communities and obtain quick and accurate feedback on products and services while generating reviews. This simple plug-in solution can be used on any web portal and makes it possible to work with micro-influencers at a fraction of the time and money needed to design and program an in-house solution. It aims to provide the highest-quality aggregate data on customer confidence in the entire e-commerce segment and to engage as many specialized communities as possible in the project. The Testuj.to start-up was founded in November 2018 by Eva Čejková, who gained experienced with working with a community on her ŽENY s.r.o. platform. In September 2020, the Heureka Group, which operates the Heureka.cz shopping portal, invested in the project. For more information, see http://profirmy.testuj.to/.