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March 23, 2020,

Home cooking delivered for a low price. Košík.cz starts delivery of subsidised ready-to-eat meals; the offer will change every week

Home cooking delivered for a low price. Košík.cz starts delivery of subsidised ready-to-eat meals; the offer will change every week

On the one hand, hundreds of thousands of quarantined households; on the other hand, gastronomic operations that are currently dependent on food delivery and have millions of korunas in unprocessed stock. Therefore, the online supermarket Košík.cz has launched a new platform called “Hotovky Košík”, which will enable people to order ready-to-eat meals with home delivery provided by DoDo couriers. With respect to the situation, meals made with first-class ingredients will be sold and distributed at cost so that families can afford to buy multiple portions and, among other things, volunteers will be used for deliveries. Furthermore, customers themselves will decide on the menu, which will change every week.

Under Košík’s motto “Simply for Everyone”, the service is intended for all households. Hotovky Košík is offering a full main course from Office Food for CZK 69 and baguettes and sandwiches from Crocodille for CZK 34.90. It is expected that additional partners will soon get involved. Prices comprise the production cost, as Košík decided to subsidise the operation of the service due to the current situation. Because the meals will have a guaranteed minimum shelf life of three days following delivery, households will be able to stock up for several days. Regular use of the service will support periodic changes to the menu; the available ready-to-eat meals will be changed from week to week based on customers’ requests.

In the first phase, delivery will be offered to Prague residents; however, the scope of the service will later be expanded. It will be possible to order meals on the website at www.hotovkykosik.cz or via the green line at 800 200 002. The minimum order will be CZK 200. Delivery times will be 8:00-12:00, 12:00-16:00 and 16:20. The delivery fee has been set at CZK 49, which will be reduced to the minimum after volunteers have become involved (see below). Only prepayment is possible, though an effort is being made to involve the MALL Pay deferred-payment service, thanks to which customers will be able to choose their preferred payment method even after making a purchase, including by bank transfer, for example.

The logistics company DoDo is also playing an important role in the project, as its couriers will be used for delivery and the website is operated on its technology platform. In addition to its own couriers, DoDo will also get hundreds of volunteers involved in logistics processes on the DoDobrovolník platform. The volunteers will assist with the delivery of ready-to-eat meals to households facing the greatest risk, particularly seniors and those suffering from a long-term illness, who will thus be able to take advantage of the minimised delivery fee. In addition to that, the volunteers are also prepared to deliver ready-to-eat meals to clients of non-profit organisations.

Košík had been working on the project for the past several weeks, but decided to accelerate it in light of the current situation. “For many households, delivery services are now absolutely crucial. Nobody can say how long the quarantine is going to last, how long restaurants will remain closed, or how long some households will be without the possibility of going outside. Therefore, we built a solution that should serve as an important partner for the next several months,” says Tomáš Jeřábek, CEO of Košík.cz. “We set the prices so that even large families can afford to buy meals, which are made using first-class ingredients. We are not making any profit off the delivered meals. And, of course, we are prepared to further expand the service and add new functionalities.”

“The largest digitally managed logistics platform for coordinating volunteers has been developed at DoDo. We can easily scale it up and practically anyone can get involved in it. We provide everything – infrastructure, coordination and vehicles. We are already looking forward to seeing who all will get involved in the coming days,” says Michal Menšík, CEO of DoDo.